Govt is Implementing National Electric Vehicle Policy Despite Opposition from Automakers

The government wants to implement the National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP) by next month despite the reservations of the auto industry. Today, the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) has called for an inter-ministerial meeting to discuss the policy, which had been approved by the federal cabinet in November.

The MoCC has told the relevant departments and ministries that the “NEVP needs to be operational by January 2020 by validation of incentive packages through the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC).”

The early implementation of NEVP had been announced by PM Imran Khan in a bid to reduce the menace of smog. The ministry added that the policy includes the formation of an inter-ministerial committee that will have members from federal line ministries, provinces, private sector, and academia.

They will oversee the complete EV value chain to ensure a smooth introduction and coordination towards manufacturing electric vehicles. They will also monitor the standardization, regulation, and compliance of infrastructure.

On the other hand, Abdul Waheed Khan, Director General, Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has told the media that, “We have not been invited in the inter-ministerial meeting on Thursday.”

He added that on 4th Nov, reports abounded that the NEVP will be discussed during the federal cabinet meeting that was to take place the next day. Interestingly, the MoCC had drafted the NEVP before taking into account all stakeholders’ opinions.

  • There is no sufficient electricity for homes in Pakistan how do you expect electric cars to be implemented in Pakistan lol once a 3rd world country is always a 3rd world country.

    • There’s a mind-blowing new tech called solar panels now. It was only invented yesterday, apparently. We can use that on our recharging stations instead of grid electricity if things get that bad.

    • there is enough electricity the problem is lack of transmission lines. once that is sorted Pakistan will have electricity surplus

    • You are such a piece of crap from India. Our current power capacity stature is at par with developed countries now and much better suited to EVs. You better take care of your CAA.

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