4 Simple Ways to Deal With Pollen Allergy

Pollen allergy is a common problem that people in Pakistan experience, especially during the spring and summer season. Pollen allergy, as the name suggests, refers to an inflammatory response to tiny pollen in the air. During their breeding season, many plants release pollen in the air for the sake of reproduction.

A lot of this pollen does reach the female plants but some of it ends up inside people’s noses and mouths and insinuates allergic reactions which are collectively known as pollen allergy. People in various parts of the country experience pollen allergy but the people of Islamabad and its surrounding districts have it worse since the area is surrounded by heavy plantation.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, there are eight major types of pollen present in the air. These include pines, grasses, and eucalyptus along with cannabis. The intensity of pollen varies from season to season but it continues to cause allergies all over the year.

Pollen allergy can be hard to handle since it’s not curable and its effect can only be reduced. It can thus hugely impact a person’s day to day life. In this article, we list down a few tips that can help you deal with pollen allergy successfully.

Pollen allergies can easily be managed by making some small lifestyle changes along with light medication.

1. Medication

Even though it is important to try minor lifestyle changes, pollen allergies cannot be managed without medication. Antihistamines can come in handy in unblocking the airways in your throat and nose and thus make sleeping easier.

Nasal sprays are also quite commonly used. You should, however, be cautious while using nasal sprays as they are addictive and excessive use can cause serious bruising inside the nose. It is always better to take a doctor’s opinion before using a nasal spray. Another important treatment for pollen allergies is immunotherapy tablets or shots. These shots can desensitize the body to pollen and thus make the pollen seasons a little easier to bear.

2. Take Frequent Showers

People who struggle with pollen allergies should make it a habit to take frequent showers, especially after coming back from a trip outdoors. Showers are really important as they are necessary to wash off the pollen that sticks to your body while you are outside.

3. Change Your Bedding

Another simple activity that can help you cope with pollen allergies is to change the bedding every other day during the pollen season. Just like the body, your clothes and bedding have fibers that can entrap pollen.

The pollen thus will keep on increasing your discomfort while you sleep. You should thus change your clothes and bedding at least on alternate days.

4. Keep the Windows Closed

The importance of staying indoors and keeping the windows closed during peak pollen season cannot be emphasized enough. When you keep the windows closed, you minimize your exposure to the pollen. Keeping windows closed at all times can get really stuffy, you can use air conditioning systems with special filters to get rid of this problem.

Even though pollen allergies can be hard to manage, they rarely turn into a full-blown attack but there are cases where people have suffered serious breathing issues. In such a situation, where someone starts having serious trouble breathing, you should rush them to the nearest hospital.

  • Avoiding pollen allergy is so simple. Just don’t breathe. Don’t know why people make it big deal…!

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