Pakistan Looking to Export Luxury Light Fans to the Vietnamese Market

Pakistan is looking to export electric fans to Vietnam, following an increased demand for luxury light fans in resorts and hotels of the country.

A Vietnamese firm, Phat Mechanical Manufacturing Company (Cophaco), has expressed interest to import light fans. The firm is one of the most prominent manufacturers of electric fans in Vietnam.


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According to Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturers Association, Cophaco intends to import light fans from Pakistan to meet demand in the Vietnamese market.

The prime objective of the trip was to hold business-to-business meetings with Vietnamese counterparts and to explore opportunities of enhancing fan exports.

The trade delegation visited Caribbean Motor Manufacturing Factory. It was further decided that another delegation belonging to the auto sector will visit Vietnam to promote business links very soon.

On its visit to Nghe Nang Company’s industrial fan manufacturing factory, the delegation interacted with company Director General Luu Tri and highlighted the potential of Pakistan’s engineering goods. The trade delegation also visited the Vietbuild-29 Industrial Exhibition, held in Ho Chi Minh City, which showcased white goods to explore possibilities of exporting the fans to the country.

The Engineering Development Board (EDB) expects this initiative will help in boosting the exports of engineering goods of the country.