Samsung’s Upcoming TV Has No Bezels Whatsoever

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 is just around the corner, and the news is filtering out that Samsung is all set to launch the world’s first-ever bezel-free TVs.

According to reports, the company will showcase the model at CES 2020, and mass production will start from February. While the salient details are a bit thin, rumors suggest that the design welds the display and main body “more closely” to do away with the borders found on TVs that are 65 inches or bigger. On the other hand, according to the source, it “really doesn’t have a bezel.”

Samsung has posted a mysterious teaser for its 6th January event at CES 2020, and the image has an empty shape and the tagline “The Age of Experience.” You can see the tweet below:

Furthermore, earlier this year, the company trademarked the “Zero Bezel” brand name. Also, the supposed bezel-free TV will be considerably expensive, and the company developed the required chip with 8k in mind. Add an exotic shape with a large panel to this, and it could even make an “ordinary” 8K TVs seem like bargains.