Civil Aviation Authority Forms a Task Force to Assist Passengers

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has instituted a special task force to facilitate passengers in case of flight delays due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Travelers have been facing all sorts of problems as their flights are either being delayed or rescheduled as fog continues to disrupt routine operations at airports. As a result, both national and international passengers are stranded at the airports.

Taking notice of this issue, CAA has formed a special task force to assist passengers and prevent any disturbance at the airports. Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CAA will be spearheading the task force. The task force will also have officials of Airport Security Force (ASF) and representatives of different airlines.

A notification issued by the CAA reads that the deputy managers of the airports will manage the task force by ensuring their presence at the airports and help troubled passengers in case of delays.

Civil Aviation Authority has strictly advised the task force to remain polite while interacting with stranded passengers.