This New Airline Seat Makes Economy Class as Comfortable as Business

Airline seats in the economy class are far from comfortable as passengers often improvise a makeshift pillow out of a sweater to relax through the journey, let alone fall asleep.

Luke Miles is one of those passengers that found it hard to fall asleep in the economy seats. Therefore, he took it upon himself to change the way passengers sit in the economy and designed ‘Interspace’ a seat much more comfortable and ergonomic.

Luke Miles is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at ‘New Territory’ an independent creative lab exploring better ways of living, working and moving.

Describing his motivation behind ‘Interspace’ Miles said:

I always watched people in economy class stuffing cushions between their seat and sidewall, in a bid to create some support and feel comfortable. I never fell asleep during my travel in economy and always kept my eyes open. This struggle prompted me to create a solution and change air travel forever.

Design [Video]

Miles has designed ‘Interspace’ in a way that its back cushions split into two leaves. Behind each leaf is a hidden panel that folds out to create a sidewall that gets attached to the armrest.

Miles gives a demo of his creation here:

As a result, airline seats turn into a personal cubicle in which a passenger can feel cozy and fall asleep.

Most of the airline seats have hard elements in them but ‘Interspace’ is made out of a soft fabric to make it comfy.

Benefits & Availability

Interspace is designed in a way that offers all kinds of ergonomic benefits to passengers. It allows a passenger to sleep just like they would sleep at their home.

The seat is available for premium economy class for the time being. However, Miles said that Interspace will be rolled out for the economy class soon.