CAA is Decreasing Hand Carry Tariffs for Airline Passengers

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced to scrap the contractor system and decrease the tariffs of hand-carry and other items to facilitate the passengers.

According to sources, contractors charged passengers an additional 10% on hand-carry and different items. This additional cost has now been abolished and passengers will be charged according to the number of their goods.

Previously, contractors also charged passengers another 10% for booking goods on the day of their flight. However, CAA has now set the same rates for booking items on any day of the week regardless of the day of the flight.

Latest Rates

Passengers will now have to pay Rs. 75 per Kg for carrying items in the daytime while Rs. 150 per Kg will be charged for the night time. Meanwhile, passengers will be charged Rs. 5 per Kg for hand-carry items.

Apart from this, CAA has set a price of Rs. 200 per Kg for importing birds, dogs, and various other small animals. The authority has set Rs. 35 per Kg for imported pan packing and Rs. 10 per kg for open luggage.

Via: Express Tribune