Jazz Launches 5G Trials for Customers in Pakistan

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Jazz has launched the much anticipated 5G trials for its consumers in Pakistan today, making Pakistan one of the very few countries in the world where 5G will soon be available to the end users, pending PTA approvals.

It must be mentioned here that the availability of the 5G network from Jazz is on trial basis and for limited areas only, as the operator is allowed to test its 5G readiness and user-experience for a period of six months, which is extendable.

According to officials, PTA allotted Jazz with a trial spectrum of 100MHz from 2600MHz band for its 5G network. As a result, the company successfully integrated a 5G site to its network, where the live testing of the 5G equipment was showcased to the media.


Areas Where 5G for Trial from Jazz is Available

Jazz is authorized to conduct trials of its 5G network at five locations in Islamabad, with the following details:

  • F8
  • G7
  • E7
  • Blue Area (Around Redco building)

Anyone with a 5G compatible device who is within the vicinity of the 5G site can use Jazz’s 5G network. Jazz said that it will do roadshows to let the customers test 5G on their devices.

Not to mention, live tests conducted by Jazz teams today achieved whopping speeds of 1.5 Gbps.

“5G is not just about the speed, as speed comes automatically, but its the whole lot of ecosystem that comes along 5G and it will revolutionize the way we do things in our daily lives”, said Khalid Shahzad, CTO, Jazz while commenting on the launch of the 5G trials.

Khalid Shahzad emphasized that Jazz’s 5G trials are conducted only after mandatory approvals from the regulator.

“We at Jazz wanted to conduct proper 5G trials with necessary PTA approvals and legally allotted spectrum, and here today successfully integrated 5G operational site to our network”, said the CTO.

Industry experts say that commercial launch of 5G in Pakistan is dependent of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority as there are some regulatory and policy frameworks yet to be finalized by the authority.

“Technologically we are ready to roll, its just the govt approvals that could delay the commercial launch of 5G in Pakistan”, said a Jazz official while speaking with ProPakistani.

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  • پہلے پاکستان کے ہرصوبے اور ہر علاقے میں بنیادی موبائل سگنل 2جی تو فراہم کریں۔ ملک کے بہت سے علاقے اور انکی عوام تک موبائل سگنل تو پہنچائیں۔

  • Hy udhr 5g idhr 2g bhi bari mushkil se atti hy theak hy ufhr 1.5 Gb do yaar hain 1.5 mb hi day do

  • We don’t even have proper Jazz 4G in G15. They should first provide the basic services at least.

  • This will take a really long time to be viable for end users. Considering data is still too expensive in Pakistan, I doubt we, the users will get this speed.

  • They only tested their 5g services. No network has the license to provide 5G to the customers..

  • Jaaz waly Pehly 4g to Sai tra chla len e ata h ziyada… Boh e bura network h net k hawly se…

  • یار پہلے فور جی تو ٹھیک کرلو پھر 5جی چلاو کسانہ فتح جنگ میں نہیں چلتی

  • Zong did a ceremony in presence of delegates from ministry and industry … while Aamir Ibrahim is standing infront of bunch of employees …

    I guess Zong did a good job while Jazz is just scratching the pole now …

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