Topsun Motors Officially Launched in Pakistan as First Electric Car Company

Pakistan, in its commitment to implement the National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP), has launched the first-ever electric car company in the country, Topsun Motors, in partnership with China.


The company cut the ribbon on its showroom called Topsun MR Motors on in Jail Road Lahore on 3rd January 2020.

As per the media reports, Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed, the Provincial Minister of Punjab for housing, urban development and public health engineering, inaugurated the showroom along with Malik Riaz, the managing director of Topsun Motors.

During the glittering ceremony, the company showcased 4 different models including a hatchback and three models of JMC. Furthermore, this includes the 1000CC Zyote’s Z100 hatchback, the first-ever electric car in Pakistan’s local industry.

The company has also launched the JMC Single Cabin along with a double cabin variant.

You can see their prices below and they are open for booking:

Model Price
Zotye Z100 1,490,000
JMC Single Cabin 2,950,000
JMC Double Cabin 3,950,000
JMC Vigus 2.4-litre 5,015,000


It is pertinent to point out that for now all these cars are engine-based and the prices are inclusive of withholding tax. Currently, the company is waiting for the implementation of the NEVP before launching the electric-powered variant of Z100, which is already available in global markets.

According to the company, the electric Z100 will have a range of 300KM on a single battery charge and will have a price-tag of around PKR 1.9-2 million which might reduce based on the NEVP.


Zotye Z100 Hatchback Launched in Pakistan

The fuel-powered Z100 has a 1000CC engine coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. In the future, they plan on bringing an automatic variant as well. For now, these models are being imported as completely built units (CBU).

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  • It is pertinent to say that manual gears costs 2 million, automated variant can post a hiking price

  • Seems to be very expensive. I heard government wants to promote new technology in auto industry however selling a 1000cc car in 2million doesn’t seem a good option at all.

    • 1000cc costs 1.49 million, while the electric variant which doesn’t possess any engine will cost around 2million which is worth the price if it gives you 300km mileage per full charge.

  • If they are still employing engine instead of electric motors then they are not ‘fully’ electric. The capacity of Electric cars is not measured in CC, as you have done here. My best bet is they are using engine with conversion kits. No hate intended, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • For now they have launched 1000cc non electric hatchback with the price tag of 1,490,000. However they are planning to launch electric vehicle after implementation of NEVP and that will cost around 2 million.

  • I think everyone has lost their minds, calling it expensive are you guys nuts???? The articles says non electric variant of Zotye Z100 manual variant is 14.90 lacs which is approx 1.5 mil and it is expensive???? Dont u read the article which said that electric variant if launched might cost 2.0 mil and non electric cultus is that much
    What do u want??? Do u want free cars????

      • Kya hua bhai apky parents ne tarbiyat nahi sikhayi to yahan akar kyun dikha rhy ho

    • Bhai kahan yeh sasti chinese company aur kaha Japanese Cultus… Koi khuda ka khauf karo. kisse muqaabla kr rahe ho. Pehle idhr kuch naam to bana lo baad mai price bhi barha lena. Ajeeb jahil log hain

    • but bro if you will visit the websites of Chinese EV manufacturers they are offering cheap cars and EV does not eligible for CD custom duty

  • Price is too high for such unknown company with no market exposure. In pakistan people first think resale value of car prior purchasing.
    It will meet same fate as United Bravo if company don’t think to reduce price

    • Dear, resale worth can be determined once people start using it. If one can think like that how can resale be checked??

  • ab is pe to duty nai thi phr bi itni mhengi ye mafia sirf kamane me lage hote hen mulk ko kisi ne kuch ni dena

  • Unknown Chinese brand with a price tag 1.5 million… That’s crazy. Suzuki Cultus is much much better than this crap, even after one year you will not found the spare parts when this company says good bye to Pakistan..this car must be less than a million than they can found the customers.

  • What a country and what a nation. Every body is intellectual and expert in all fields as can hokd their horses to jump over with out knowing anything. Carry on you frustrated guys…

  • I think All Zoyte staff and employees are rushing to their promoted article only to bash normal potential customers and defend their unknown Chinese product lol

    • Yes u r right,
      start judging everyone who disagree with u as an employee of zotye, u r the only one in this world who thinks zotye is an unknown brand, a google search might have helped but who am i kidding

  • Z100 new electric car plz lets its booking and spare parts and maintenance as compared to other car capable in pakistan

  • it is strange. We are buying Chinese ships, subs, aircrafts, missiles. When comes to cars we start to take them as lemon

  • Like Japanese automakers this company is also making huge profit. No relief for Pakistani customers. We should focus on conversion kits for existing cars. Same is also being done in India and is a cheap workable solution for existing cars

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    I think it is good start for the launching of Electric Cars in Pakistan, but the prices of all models of these cars seems to be a little on the higher side. If the prices are lowered I think these electric cars will capture the market soon.

  • I already talk to Mr. Karim Nawaz who is working as a Manager’s on Jail Road showroom but they don’t have sufficient information about Price, Battery Life & SRO letter from Government, they promise me & they have my cell number when the cars will be arrive on showroom for Display. We’ll visit there to check the Zytoe Z100 1000CC car. Than I’ll decide to buy that because I’m interested in that model.

  • Yes, I agree with the other people,s who wanna buy this car, but company should think about the Car Price Zytoe Z100 hatchback 1000CC. Because the price is little High, also nobody knows the future of these Cars.

  • So where is the change? Another group is entered in the market with high price tag. We as a nation will never get rid of mafias. What so special about these cars? Better to allow used Nissan leaf world wide best electric car and for sure it’s less in price than these Chinese cars.

  • Mr. Karim Nawaz I’m still awaiting your reply. What happen to your SRO Letter, is your Electric Car available on your display center Jail road Lahore.

  • Assalam-o-Alekum. Bro ap sab ko malom hona chaye k Electric Car ki power CC me calculate kbi ni ho skti. electric car ki speed RPM me calculate hoti hy.

  • Aslamu el Akum Its very costly. i don’t know why peoples are buying chines cars. Pakistani plant should be build here like ADAM. its plant was working 100% Pakistani cars, buses & Turks in 2006.

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