HRL Motors Unveils Zotye Z100 Hatchback in Pakistan

Pakistan’s automobile industry has seen some positive changes ever since the introduction of the Auto Policy 2016-21. However, the introduction of mid-ranged vehicles in the Pakistani market has been very limited. Until now.

HRL Motors teamed up with Zotye of China to introduce affordable cars in the Pakistani market; the first of which has hit the market and is called the Zotye Z100.

Lets take a look at the newest entrant to the Pakistani auto scene.

The Zotye Z100

The Z100 looks like extremely familiar because Zotye acquired intellectual rights to the 2nd generation of Alto (Chinese Mehran). This in turn has reportedly influenced the overall design of the Z100, which bears some passing similarities to the 7th generation Suzuki Alto.

Zotye Z100 In Comparison With 7th Generation Alto

Internationally, there are three variants of Z100 available in the market:

  1. 1.0L Standard
  2. 1.0L Comfort
  3. 1.0L Elite

The standard version of Z100 is powered by a 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine, capable of producing 68hp, mated to a 5-speed manual or an ATM transmission.

You can sign up For Zotye Z100’s Test Drive By Clicking Here

The Z100 boasts features such as:

  • 1000cc Euro IV compliant EFI Engine
  • 5 speed Manual Transmission
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • Power Windows (All Four)
  • Central Locking with remote key and override lock
  • Digital Instrumental Cluster
  • Fuel consumption 44 MPG or 18.9 km/L

The vehicle also comes with ABS+EBD, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Engine Immobilizer, Seatbelt reminders, Reversing Sensors, Alloy Wheels, Power outside mirrors, Automatic Air-conditioning and CD/ MP3 player, etc.

The car is available in four colors: white, red, blue and silver.

Images Courtesy — ChinaAutoWeb

Here are the specifications of the Z100 variant introduced in Pakistan:

Pricing and Booking Details

HRL Motors have priced the introductory 1,000cc Manual transmission model of the Z100 in Pakistan at Rs. 1,172,000 officially. They further state that you can get your car booked for as low as Rs. 25,000.

For more information, you can check out HRL Motors Facebook page.

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    • and sadly, unaffordable too

      1 mil pricemark is hardly the benchmark for being affordable

  • if new arrivals will set the same price as the old vendors already giving then i think it would not be a wise decision. people will prefer old vendors for better resale value.

  • Faw v2 Fully loaded version = 10 lac 70 thousand with 2 airbags + ABS + EBD + Alloy wheels and above all 1300cc
    this company is a joke HRL. Only a fool will buy this car.

    • FAW is a 1300 cc with token tax every year… this car will save money from the Go

      • lol @ token tax, 4500 per year is the tax of 1300x, saving 4500 Rs per year by buying an expensive chinese car and compromising class (1000cc vs 1300cc), wow what a saving

      • Than a wise men will go for Wagon R or Celerio, not this piece of junk.
        Al Haaj Faw are also in works for 1000cc local made V2 its price will be lower than 1300cc and it will be available within this year. hopefully
        RIP HRL

      • Gee to Faw v2 kun nahi khareedain gay?? Its also Chinese and with 1300cc??
        Koi bonga he khareeday ga @salman qureshi jessa ?

    • You are such a fool, best in what class?? shitzuki celerio comes with dual airbags too with strong brand name, with spare parts shops in every corner of the country and here comes HRL with its copied chinese crap trying to compete with Celerio, Wagon R and Faw v2.

      • if it develops enough dealership, then it will be a different story, but with this opening price they are gonna have to spend a year to see how market reacts, but i dont have any doubt to chinese brands and i dont expect suzuki to be any better after what i have seen in mehran, bolan and cultus for the past 20 years, i believe pakistani japanese are just disposable,,,

  • 1094000 may wagon R VXL (full option) q na len??? or second option cultus

    people buy qmobile bcoz of cheap price with max specs not bcoz ov their name and quality…
    it would be good if it is around 800k to 900k

  • Is hissab say to Nissan aur Hyundai 1000cc to 160K ki launch ho gi, Phir FAW V2 aur Wagon R hi best option hai is say to

  • HRL motors main bhi koi Ishaq Dar betha hy… Oh bhai.. tum kis dunay ki makhlooq ho.. for such a car you will charge USD 11,500. What value you’re going to add if ppl ll get same specs and same price like competitors … FAILED PRICING ! . Point to understand is for B2B , bargain power of buyer has increased globally for chinese brands, chinese cars are considered as “DISPOSABLE” means practical 5 YEARS life.

  • OMG. They only had a chance if they wouldve tried to compete with Mehran at pricing. Value wise ofcourse it is offering much more but since its brand equity is next to nothing, this pricing is too bad.
    9-10 lac tak it wouldve been a very good option.

    • Who can it be a good price in 9 to 10 lac????
      it should have priced between 7 to 8 lac max. 10lac ki Faw v2 kun na koi le???
      In 8 to 12 lac bohot cars hain pakistan main. Used cars honda civic & city phir japani cars hain mira, move, alto etc

  • good initiative but the price is just disappointing !

    maybe further reforms and improvements in policies down the line can at least HALVE the current price

    (they could have gone head to head with mehran , if they were offering it for 0.75 million PLR )

  • hilarious to see you people mentioning “image courtesy: ChinaAutoWeb” but failed to mention the source of everything else from where the content has been taken from. Even that Alto image is taken from carspiritpk and you people didn’t even bothered to change the file name, duh typical Pakistani mentality


  • Its price should be between 7 to 8 lac in order to be called economical and affordable, with this price range no body will buy that car.

  • In 2016 Auto Policy The Government of Pakistan had announced “Tax Rebates” for new entrants. Despite receiving such benefits they’re pricing their non-established brand equal to already established ones. While government had declined to give such benefits to Suzuki, Indus and Honda Atlas to break their cartel. HRM is trying to fail the objective of the government.

  • Every new brand should introduce car less than 8 lacs. Otherwise it’s going to fail. No body will take a risk to invest 12 Lacs in a new car with no market value, no spare parts and no experience. These companies can reduce the cost by eliminating luxury features like air bags, alloy rims, fabric cushioning. Just offer a simple car 1000cc good built quality in less than 8 lacs.

    • Air bags and ABS is not a luxury but standard safety feature, which should be there in all cars and models. It drastically reduces fatalities. But its not expensive anymore. a brand new car around 10k in US has these two basic features.

  • This car price in china is less than 5 lac pakistani rupees. WTF they are selling it more than twice its original price. Even much less taxes in new auto policy . Why they used skimming price strategy instead of penetration. Seriously this car can become next mehran ( in term of sale. Even much better than mehran, alto)
    If they choose its price in between 8 lac pakistani rupees.

  • Very very expensive Chinese scrap. I purchased Honda Life 2007 Japan used imported in 2012 @ Rs.830,000. A great car still going maintenance free. I am very much satisfied with this car. Now a days its price would be Rs.10,00000. Don’t buy Chinese vehicles

  • I have no idea what policy the government has for automotive industry..
    It should make new cars and technology cheaper and try to retire 30 year old vehicles by 2030 to reduce or maintain pollution levels.

  • There are several other options available in this price range.
    One shouldn’t go for this sh*t in almost 1.2M rupees.

  • People are not knowing that HRL is from Habib Group , who own INDUS motor , assembling Toyota corolla in Pakistan . HRL belong to same dacoit group looting Pakistanis for decades. What you can expect from dacoits ?

  • this zoyte z100 is copy of new cultus but the price is very high ….burri trha pittay gi

  • Dear HRL Motors aap log shaed pagal ho gaye hein jo is chineese car ko jo 1000cc he Cultus k equal le k ja rahe hein O bhai Suzuki brand he is me koi shak nahi k is waqt pakistan me sab se Ghatiya car de rahe hein suzuki wale but compare to HRL Z100 Cultus is much better even aap isko FAW se bhi compare karein tu FAW V2 is much better then Z100 bcz of price difference apko ye car in between 8to9 lak launch karni chahiye thi with 5 year non intrest leasing k phir ye beat kar sakti he FAW ans Suzuki cultus and Alto ko plz apni eyes open karein aur khwabo ki duniya se nikal ayein THNX

  • A well informed and knowledgeable author , (re: China -made cars), did his homework, giving us great photos and detailed specs. Something I don’t see enough of elsewhere. Thanks.

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