Govt Removes Grade 17-21 Officers Benefitting From Benazir Income Support Program

The federal government is taking action against 2543 of its officers, from grade 17 to 21, for illegally benefitting from the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

A forensic audit of BISP had revealed that a large number of high-ranking officials from the federal and provincial governments were among the 820,000 ‘undeserving’ beneficiaries. Most of these officers were registered under the names of their wives.

Here is the complete list:

The government has not only identified and removed them but has decided to take legal action against these officials. A large number of undeserving officials, 741, belonged to Balochistan, followed by Sindh with 342 officers.

A few days ago, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Ehsas Programme Sania Nishtar, who also heads BISP, had announced the removal of all ‘undeserving’ beneficiaries from the list.

I wish to thank the Cabinet for approving my proposal: exiting 820,165 @bisp_pakistan  beneficiaries. Using forensic data analysis, we found they were ineligible for support based on the criteria below. This translates into saving of PKR 16 billion for the government annually.

She mentioned that the move will save Rs. 16 billion every year for the national exchequer.

  • To make it a remarkable effort of the concerned department towards accountability, It would be much better to publicize the name(s) of the official(s).

  • She mentioned that this will save Rs. 16 billion every year for the national exchequer. …. then if we should also do recovery for last so many years which already paid erroneoysly or fraudulently.

  • whats stoping Gov. to name those individuals ? publish those names otherwise you are protecting those culprits.

  • Sindh has the largest amount at 1122 personal while Baluchistan has 741 personal please check the data and calculate it yourself for corrections.

  • First remove there name from the list then fire them from their posts and publish their names. Finally, seek legal action against them.

  • reflect the level of corruption in Sindh and Balochistan is at its peak followed by kpk
    and shows Punjab is the least corrupt province yet its the biggest province in terms of population and govt. employees

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