Sindh Govt Relieves B-Tech Graduates and Diploma Holders From High Level Engineering Positions

Sindh government has accepted the Supreme Court’s order of October 3rd, 2018 as it had ordered to remove B-Tech graduates and diploma holders from high-level engineering positions in the province.

Pakistan Engineering Council’s (PEC) had moved into the Supreme Court against the induction of B-Tech graduates and diploma holders at BPS-17, PBS-18, and BPS-19 grades. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the PEC on October 3rd, 2018.

Sindh government failed to comply with the order and kept delaying the removal of hundreds of non-qualified engineers from top posts.

However, on January 8th, Sindh Services General Administration and Coordination Department (SGA&CD) ordered the provincial secretaries of local government, agriculture, irrigation, public health engineering works and services, and other departments to ensure the implementation of Supreme Court’s order.

According to the official notification, B-Tech graduates and diploma holders shall be relieved from their designations with immediate effect. Moreover, concerned departments shall furnish a compliance report on the matter.

Accredited engineers employed in different departments have always debated the induction of B-Tech graduates and diploma holders at engineering positions saying that they do not possess the required educational qualification.

Article 2 (xxvii) of the Pakistan Engineering Council Act, 1975, defines an engineer as

A person who holds an accredited engineering qualification, whether working privately or in the employment of an engineering public organization and is registered as such by the Pakistan Engineering Council. Registered Engineer shall perform all professional engineering works except independently signing design.

Contrarily, B-Tech graduates and diploma holders neither have accredited engineering qualifications nor are they registered with Pakistan Engineering Council.

Via: Express Tribune