Suzuki Manages to Recover Amid More Decline in Car Sales

The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has published the data regarding the sales of vehicles for the month of December 2019 and according to the data, it was another period of decline.

This follows the trajectory we have seen for the whole of last year and the current fiscal year, where in the first five months of the fiscal year, the overall sales have dropped by 44% as compared to the first five months of the fiscal year 2018-2019.


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The slide in sales had been attributed mostly to the devaluation of the rupee coupled with the prevailing economic conditions, which had forced the carmakers to increase their prices multiple times.

Another reason that had been given was the FBR’s drive to increase the tax base which had led to the non-filers running away from buying cars.


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As you can see from the table below, there has been a drastic fall in sales both on a month-to-month basis and year-on-year basis across the board:

Company          Dec-19 Dec-18 YoY% Nov-19 MoM%
Honda 1,005 2,367 -57.5% 1,303 -22.9%
Toyota 2,332 5,324 -56.2% 2,640 -11.7%
Suzuki 8,732 11,732 -25.6% 5,846 49.4%


Interestingly, Honda was the worst performing out of the big three with a 57.5% decline on a yearly basis and 22.9% on a monthly basis.


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Toyota was slightly less bad with an 11.7% decline on a monthly basis. One of the reasons for this is that the company offered multiple special offers and managed to sell a few more units than expected.

Suzuki was the biggest surprise because while the company saw a decline in sales on a yearly basis but on a monthly basis, the company saw a significant increase in sales by 49.4% when compared to November 2019.

The increase in sales for Suzuki can be placed on the Swift that saw its sales increase by 50.5% in December when compared to November 2019 and the WagonR which saw a staggering 88.3% increase in its sales.

The 660CC Alto posted another strong month with a 24.7% increase in sales. This means that there is still some hope amidst all the doom and gloom that we have seen in the sector.

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  • All motor veh coys should make alternative ways for sustaining their business . They should make now rickshaws, chingchis and cycles instead of cars as people have no more capacity to buy cars.
    Another option is to reduce the prices to breakeven ratio. Choice is yours

  • “Slightly less bad” ??‍♂️ The word you’re looking for is “better”. Please have someone proofread your articles.

  • The main cause of drastically decline in sales is FBR tax drive, where non-filers avoided to buy car because they would be easily pursued. The reason is prices hike.

  • Govt keo action nahi lay rahi in 3 k khilaaf samajh say baher hay, is Govt say to kaafy umeedain thi logo ko,, Lagta hay yeh sub mil ker kha rahay hain Awaam ko.. Sale hay nahi r her month prices increase ker datay hain,, yeh kesa business hay..

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