Thousands of Olive Trees to Be Planted On Highways & Motorways

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been inked between the National Highway Authority (NHA) and the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to plant olive trees along highways in the country. The agreement was signed in Islamabad with Saima Rahim, vice president of NBP Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and Amjad Ali, general manager of NHA M-1 signing it. Zartaj Gul, Minister of State for Climate Change attended the ceremony.

The Minister said the government was actively taking action to fight the danger posed by climate change in the country and the initiative to plant green belts along highways in a partnership with the National Highway Authority (NHA) was one of them.

Murad Saeed, the Minister for Communications and Postal Services said that this project was in-line with the Prime Minister’s plan for a clean and green Pakistan. Within 3-years, the trees will start producing olives and over 11,000 saplings will be given by the NBP free of cost to the NHA to be planted alongside the Islamabad-Peshawar (M-1) Motorway and other highways.

Murad Saeed also said that the plantation of 10 billion trees will help fight the impact of climate change and vowed that under his administration, the NHA will be self-reliant in the future and added that the income of NHA had increased to Rs. 35 billion.

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