Peshawar BRT Gets Its Final Inauguration Deadline

The KP provincial government has said that the much-derided multi-billion Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Peshawar will be completed this year –after missing multiple deadlines.

Kamran Khan Bangash, Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Local Government and Rural Development said this while visiting the BRT reach-1 (from Chamkani to Firdous). While speaking to the media, he said that the Reach-1 has been completed and the PM will announce its inauguration date soon.


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He said, “Opponents of the government are doing propaganda against the BRT project at every level, but I assure you that not a single penny has been taken as a kickback in the project.” He further added that the BRT was being developed on par with international standards and that the best quality material had been utilized for the BRT. He stressed that despite multiple investigations into the project, no fraud has been found.

The Reach-1 section of the BRT has three underpasses, eight bus stops and is 7.8 kilometers long. The project was kick-started with great fanfare in October 2017 amidst claims that it will be operational before the 2018 general election. The current Defense Minister, who was the then CM KPK, vowed to complete it within six months but since then, it has become an issue for the government. Interestingly, under the Project Concept-I (PC-I) of the project, April 2021 was clearly marked as the deadline for its completion.

  • Please make the correction: The picture shown is of Bab-e-Peshawar flyover aka “Selfie Bridge” which was completed in PTI’s last tenure.

  • “O din Dubba Jiddin korri Charreya Kubba او دن ڈوبیا۔ ۔۔ جس دن گھوڑی چڑھیا کبا” chalo hum bhi dekhte hein k qayamat kis din ATI ha

  • A good project, unfortunately made controversial due to mindlessly given completion deadline. If any financial wrongdoing is suspected then a proper investigation should be conducted, culprits if any, be punished. Prudence dictates that anyone commenting upon this project should first have a look at the time lines given in the project feasibility report. In the Overall context it will be immensely beneficial for the people of Peshawar.

  • Never say NEVER, with their track record well I wouldn’t get too excited and actually believe it

    Hum Dekhaingy Lazim Hae K Hum Bhi Dekhaingy
    Jb BRT pr bus chalayi Jayegi
    Woh Din Jiska Wada Hae

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