Donald Trump Delighted to Meet Imran Khan Again

Prime Minister Imran Khan met the US President Donald Trump in Davos, Switzerland, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum. The two leaders are among the key speakers at the Davos Forum.

In a press interaction ahead of the meeting, Trump showed a keen interest in normalizing the tensions between the two South Asian neighbors.


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We’re talking about Kashmir in relation to what is going on with Pakistan and India. And if we can help we certainly will be helping.

The US President told reporters that he was delighted to meet PM Khan for the third time.

We’re getting along very well. I would say we’ve never been closer to Pakistan than we are right now.

A post-meeting statement from the US foreign office said that the two leaders agreed to continue efforts to seek a lasting political settlement to the war in Afghanistan. Other critical issues, including the expansion of the US-Pakistan trade, were also discussed, it said.


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Speaking of his agenda ahead of the Davos address, President Trump said that the trade and borders were on top of his agenda, while the premier emphasized on peace in Afghanistan.

This was the third meeting between the two leaders since Trump hosted Imran at the White House in July last year. The meeting proved to be a vital breakthrough in mending the strained ties between the US and Pakistan due to the Afghan conflict.

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