Imran Khan Gets Featured on Time Magazine Cover Page

Ever since coming into power, Imran Khan has been making headlines not just in Pakistan but across the globe as well.

From one of the most widely followed world leaders on social media to becoming one of the most influential Muslim leaders in the world, the premier has been at the forefront of some of the most pressing global issues.


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Khan’s efforts to combat climate change have been recognized at the international stage, which is one of the reasons why he is featured on the cover page for TIME Special Davos issue.

The 50th World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting is scheduled at Davos in Switzerland from 21-24 January. Business leaders and politicians will be attending the high-profile moot amid major challenges such as climate change, trade wars and changing foreign policies.

The edition which focuses on young leaders also features Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg, Christine Lagarde, and Angela Merkel.

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Feature Writer

  • You “really” know why “Imm the Dim” was featured on magazine when he’s shown sitting beside “Christine Lagarde” The Current President of European Central Bank and Ex IMF chief. Now see the ballooning debt in “Imm the Dim’s” tenure so far and projected growth of under 3%. You can add 2 and 2 together and it’s clear “why”

  • It is a Western way of Sarcasm. They are indirectly poking fun at Imran Khan by putting his picture next to the IMF chief and the blind PTI followers are clapping.

    It is my request to all the blind followers of Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif and all other personalities to stop worshiping these human beings. They will not give you anything. They are selfish leaders who are using Pakistan to get personal recognition.

    You have to lead your own life. You don’t need leaders. Be a leader of your own destiny.

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