Government is Converting CNG Stations to Electric Car Charging Points: Reports

According to media reports, the government has given the go-ahead to an environmental policy that includes the plan to convert 3,000 CNG stations across the country into Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Sources have said that policymakers were trying to figure out how the government aimed to manage power consumption because, in the future, large numbers of EVs being charged at home especially during peak hours could overload local power transformers.

The officials said:

The charging stations for EVs will require electricity that will be supplied through distribution companies only, unless someone makes their own power supply arrangements.

The officials further added that other questions regarding the policy remained unanswered, he said:

Can battery-powered EVs be competitive with conventionally fueled vehicles in the next five to ten years? How and when will cost-effective charging infrastructure be developed in the country?

On Tuesday, a spokesperson from the climate ministry said that carbon emissions from motor vehicles were one of the biggest contributors to air pollution which is why they were working hard to bring electric vehicles in the country.

“The use of electric vehicles may help resolve many issues, including air pollution, rising fuel import bill, and saving two-thirds on transportation,” the spokesperson said.

  • Fuel to 6 Se 7 Min Main Full Ho Jata hai Charging Main Kitna Time Lagega
    Ya Wahi CNG Ki Tarha Ghanto Line Main Lage Rahu

  • 1st they will convert LNG to electricity, and than supply the electricity to Station, so you can charge your car with LNG/CNG converted electricity.

  • usually charging stations dont need very big space and they are installed in parking places or any where near to you. how feasible is it to go to cng station, park your car for 4-8 hours depending on technology, go back to office (without transport) and repeat again.

  • We are already working towards providing lahore/karachi/Islamabad with 1000 electric cars each by the year 2022.

    Any investors who wants to join hands can respond.

  • It’s the same sort of irrational initiative as was, few years ago, converting vehicles from petrol to CNG, without dully considering the pros and cons of the matter.
    When they are not able to meet the current demands of electricity how on earth are they going to fulfill that extra load on the power grid? Really uncomprehendabke!!!!

    • that is because of lack of transmission lines. Production capacity is still high and will get more high when Chinese made powerplants come online

  • International studies on the issues in China, India indicated peak hour over load local transformers.
    3000 CNG stations stations licensees be awarded Solar/PV charging stations for all EV for fast charging of transport vehicles through out Pakistan will create a sense of goodwill to Pakistan with WHO/UN compliance for Road Safety/Security.
    Switching CNG to cause of Climate Change will yield gains to international protocols for Climate Change for transports of Karachi.

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