Video of PIA Staff Fighting With Passengers During Flight Goes Viral, Airline Responds

A video of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) staff mistreating passengers onboard a flight has gone viral on social media.

According to the reports, the incident took place on PIA’s Lahore to London flight PK-757. Some passengers went to sit on unreserved luxury seats without informing the staff.


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When the staff asked them to vacate the seats, it turned into a heated argument which ultimately led to an ugly brawl. In the video, the two parties can be seen hurling abuses and pushing and punching each other. The members of the staff also snatched a mobile phone from one of the ladies who was recording the incident.

Here’s the video:

PIA reported the incident to London Police which arrested the two passengers at Heathrow Airport. The passengers were later released after an investigation into the matter was completed.

PIA tweeted about the incident after it faced a backlash from the Twitterati.

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  • Pesy diay hain to theekwarna Utha k baahir maarna chahiay tha Sakoon se yaha bethty aur intezaar krty agli flight ka

    Juutyoon k kaabil ee hain aise log

  • If PIA policy is that passengers cannot sit on empty upgraded seats – which makes sense – then these people were in the wrong. I can’t get up from economy and go sit in an empty business class seat – so the same logic applies to sitting from economy to economy plus/premium.

    Advice for idiot passengers is learn manners you act like children and spoilt ones at that. pay for the seat or keep sitting where you paid for.

    Advice for PIA is that such policies for seating should be clearly put on signs or notices given to passengers during boarding that they CANNOT move to seats willy nilly without notice and passengers must follow the rules.

  • کچرا سروس، سفارشی بھرتی
    رویہ ایسا جیسے شہزادے کو کسی نے غلط جگہ کھڑا کر دیا یہی رویہ ایف آئی اے کے بدمعاشوں کا.

    کہاں جا رھے ھیں، کیا کرتے ھیں، کیوں جا رھے ھیں
    یہی کام ھے انکا ایئرپورٹس پر.

    رشوت سے سب کام چلتا ھے ورنہ یہ خود
    کو حاکم سمجھتے ھیں

  • Everybody must follow the rules. A person on duty can never be wrong its people who always want more and treat an employee as slave.

  • yes everyone should follow the rules. The ppl like Mr. Ali Harder think they have right to do what they want.

  • They were arrested then investigated then released. Get your story straight PIA. It looked like the passenger was physically assaulted and it doesnt look like he even hit back

  • @Official_PIA
    The attitude is simply not professional. PIA flight 214 rudeness galore, refusal to brief about emergency exit, shouting at passengers. Then the (mis)management wonders why Emirates and others do all the business while PIA looks on like the captain of the Titanic.
    1:46 AM · Jan 24, 2020·Twitter Web App
    I am sharing my tweet made on 24/1/20. Sad to what unprofessionalism and nepotism has done to what was once the leader of the aviation industry.

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