LG is Ending G-series, V-series Will Rival Samsung Galaxy Note Phones

Korean phone maker LG had previously revealed plans to launch two new 5G phones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. These two phones were expected to be the LG V60 ThinQ 5G and the LG G9 since the G series did not receive a 5G phone last year.

However, a new report from David Ruddock of Android Police says that LG is revamping its lineup. This overhaul may result in LG discontinuing its G series and introducing a new one for 2020.

He further adds that the LG’s V-series will now be aligned to rival with Samsung’s Galaxy S series and the mysterious new series may rival the Galaxy Note series, 2020 iPhones, and the next-generation Pixel phones from Google.

Moreover, a new LG V series phone for 2021 will come with a 10-inch+ screen. It will act as a tablet or a laptop with a keyboard accessory. It is unclear whether there it will support docking or fast charging, but he believes that this phone will be called the LG V70.

Finally, he adds that the Korean phone maker is also prepping to launch foldable phones to rival Samsung’s iterations.

There is currently no confirmation on release dates yet, but expect to hear more as the MWC 2020 draws near.

  • The report from Mr. Aasil Ahmed Pro PK is encouraging from Pakistan, where despite a global leader discontinued Pakistan. LG one of the largest promoter of Electronic Media in Pakistan with the most advertised/promoted Smart Phones few years back, launched its best phones. The IFA Berlin event Sept. 2019 very strong presence of LG Consumer Electronics/Cellular handset with 5G & beyond.

    Unfortunately Pakistan cellular sector lost the faith of the LG Korea that the withdrew.
    Pakistan has opened the 5G spectrum. i had interaction with LG @ IFA Berlin 2019 with the ICT tremendous growth we can aim at the reconciliation/ADR between the LG/MOITT the Korean Company and the Ministry of IT & Telecom., for LG to conduct trails of the newer handset from Pakistan and meet them @ Barcelona.
    May I suggest to please reply, so I may start the process take a start for conculusion shortly.

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