PTCL Doubles Network Capacity by Deploying Nokia’s Future-Proof Technology

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has deployed Nokia’s technology to expand the capacity of recently installed 100G transport network to 200G optical network, for both domestic and international traffic.

This capacity expansion has been carried out in major cities including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, to keep up with the growing demands of capacity created by ever-increasing consumption of broadband by individuals as well as enterprises.

With this, PTCL has become the first operator in Pakistan to deploy high-performance 200G 8 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) in the country, an optical long-haul technology offering more capacity at a lower cost.


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The upgradation of its optical network allows PTCL to proactively address the growing demands of bandwidth, enabling its enterprise and individual users in Pakistan’s largest cities to use high-bandwidth services and applications such as HD and 4K video.

In addition, the network upgradation allows PTCL to flexibly enhance network capacity with the Software Defined Network (SDN) capabilities of the Nokia optical solution. Further, the unique flexgrid technology allows PTCL to easily upgrade to 300G or 400G over the same installed base in the future.

Saad Muzaffar Waraich, Chief Technology & Information Officer, PTCL, said:

Being consistently a top-class service provider involves continuously modernizing and upgrading the network as per the changing consumption patterns. In view of this, we have enhanced the existing capacity from 100G optical network to 200G to take care of the growing traffic in these cities. Nokia’s technology and expertise helped us to deploy 100G and enhance customer experience, so its 200G technology is also the right choice for expanding network capacity.

Carlo Corti, Director of the Optics Business Development, MEA, Nokia, said:

Our field-proven technology enables PTCL, in its unwavering commitment, to provide the best-in-class network experience to its subscribers. It allows PTCL to differentiate its services based on quality. With our 200G technology, PTCL is now in a position to cost-efficiently address the ever-growing demand for capacity.


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Technical Details

Nokia 1830 PSS allows service providers to deploy services quickly and maximize network capacity and efficiency.

By using PTCL’s extensive fiber footprint, Nokia DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network provides multipath redundancy against multiple fiber cuts hence ensuring higher network availability SLAs.
Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs) technology helps service providers meet an unpredictable increase in traffic.

8-QAM increases spectral efficiency allowing service providers, like PTCL, to maximize the available resources. QAM is a method of combining two amplitude-modulated (AM) signals into a single channel, thereby increasing the effective bandwidth twofold.

Nokia’s full turnkey services including network design, planning and optimization, project management of site acquisition, civil work construction, and network implementation were used to deploy the network.

  • Future proof? 99% of their network is still on copper and their customer service makes Sindh govt look efficient.

    What’s futuristic about PTCL?

    • Now PTCL is focusing on vendor side rather then consumer side. Mostly consumers are offloading phone lines due to heavy tax (trust if you do not use phone even for a single call u will get 1000 rupees bill) and prefer to use cheap mobile phone packages . Broadband is already not upto mark and ptcl is not planning to upgrade copper wire to fiber for consumers phone lines. so it is a dead end for ptcl in consumer market.

  • He said that 100% is fiber in different area’s but he need to expand in isb/rwp fully fiber but nothing, still copper in ghouri town sharifabad or different phase..

    • In Cantonment board areas too… PTCL just got charges but did nothing like advertisment…

  • And they think we will compete the other developed countries like USA, Germany, UK etc. What a joke. This Country is nothing but a joke and fool peoples.

  • hope this helps in latency ssues, i can use open DNs or gogole dns free but ptcl should use it too

  • Even they got NASAs technology, still deliver the worst service. In areas where GOoN services functional not everybody can avail the facility being loom connections than required. I wonder how they poorly made the eatimates.

  • PTCL Still using copper in many areas in big city like Rawalpindi no GPON but with slightly less charges nayatel is offering optical fiber unlimited connection, so shame PTCL

  • It will be good but in Islamabad sector D-12 all GPON services are out of order and more than 150 customers are affecting from last four days just due to upgradation of system.

  • “Umer Jahangir Khan
    January 27, 2020 at 5:34 pm
    And they think we will compete the other developed countries like USA, Germany, UK etc. What a joke. This Country is nothing but a joke and fool peoples.”

    And I think you’re part of joke and a fool. Otherwise it’s non of your business insulting our country.

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