Telenor is Offering VSS to Over 100 Employees Today

Telenor has decided to right-size the company through the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to several dozen employees, ProPakistani has checked with sources.

According to details, those who accept the offer will get 1.5 multiples of salary for each year in service with Telenor. Additionally, they will get 1 gross salary as notice period payout, annual bonus, continued medical insurance support for an extended period and waiver on availed allowances and leaves.

In addition to usual incentives, here are lower and upper limits of VSS Package,

  • To make it a more lucrative for employees, the company will pay at least six multiples or Rs. 1 million, whichever is higher, as compensation to outgoing employees.
  • The maximum limit for the VSS package is 18 salaries

A Telenor Pakistan spokesperson confirmed the development and said that the move is aimed at optimizing the productivity of the company with changing market dynamics.

Telenor Pakistan didn’t confirm the number of employees who will be availing the VSS as its an ongoing process and employees will be given time to accept the offer.

It is worth pointing out that this VSS offer isn’t company-wide and only select departments have been offered the facility, especially those where functions and responsibilities are being out-sourced.

“While our efforts will bear fruit for our consumers, it involves some tough decisions impacting our employees. Telenor Pakistan is a people-centric organization and is trying to make this transition as smooth as possible for the impacted”, Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan

From sources, it has been confirmed that nearly 100 employees are ready to avail the VSS, while there are going to be another 100 who have already parted ways with Telenor in the past or who will be let go in the future under the same scheme.

Telenor Pakistan said that this restructuring is part of rightsizing amid modernization, that is a global norm now, especially in challenging environments where businesses automate procedures and attain efficiencies.

Thanks to the prevailing market situation, the company said that it has focused on being a lean and efficient organization by digitalizing its value chain, maximizing synergies with partners, sharpening customer focus, leveraging infrastructure sharing and bringing network efficiencies.

After such optimization in resource utilization, according to Telenor Pakistan, the modernization process has resulted in the elimination of certain positions from within the organization as a result of streamlining various functions, automation and outsourcing.

Telenor emphasized that during this entire transition, there will be no impact on the quality of services.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Aik aur lollipop.

      500,000 nahi IK is bringing 500,000,000,000,000,000 jobs. But they’re all imaginary aur Imaginary jobs se kisi ka pait nahi bharta.

  • Koi Masla nahin Norway ki telecom, hum tumko khud thudda martay hein, Mani nay 1 crore naukrian ready kar li hain.
    my short resignation to you:

    Dear Telenor HR,

    Aaaa Thooo.

    PTI jiala

    • because Irfan wahan khan is CEO actually he is securing his self but don’t worry everyone would be fired

      • I don’t think it’s wise to target an individual like that. Pakistan is witnessing slow economic growth overall with the automobile and textile sectors shutting down production. Employee layoffs have become essential these days.

      • bro, major layoffs are happening all around the country in major sectors in Pakistan. What do you have to say about that?

  • because Irfan wahan khan is CEO actually he is securing his self but don’t worry everyone would be fired.

    • Not an unusual thing. Jazz laid off 200 emplyees last year. PTCL did the same few years back. Is may naya kia hai…

  • That’s Pak telecom for u.We give everything to chinese and they built R&D Centers in India and even don’t have 30 % of Indian telecom market share .Pak Nationals when ever being made Decesion
    Makers in any M.National they only limits opportunities for compatriots

  • There was a time when this company was on its way to becoming the market leader. It then let talented people go in the name of improving diversity ratios and installed people who talked more than getting anything done. Results are clear

  • Apparently 200+ people laid off @ telenor already this year in a mix of VSS and CSS

    Jazz also regularly ‘lets go’ employees

    Unfortunately there is no proper check and balance on these companies

    On one hand lower and middle layer staff are regularly cut down while top tier is one of the highest paid in the country with benefits and perks far greater than many other similar size organizations

    • I believe with the overall economic situation of Pakistan, it’s the right thing to do. Just heard today some ride-hailing company did the same.

  • Say it in a simple way that they are downsizing and simply forcing people to quit and offering some multiple of salary.

  • lets see that how they are insult thare own employes they have not feeling each employ are strength of telenor success years

  • Poor strategy producers are making the most of their priveledges. President is visionless, CTO has crumpled the Network, HR is caught up with procuring inept females to meet diversity targets,Business head is enjoying love affair however it’s the worker class who needs to pay the price

  • Unfortunately, thats whats going on in Telenor for long.. Big mouths deceiving Norwegien shareholders through lies and fancy presentation.

    While groud realities are 180 degrees. Furtration levels are high at working levels All rationalizations and cost cuts for AM level n below while Directors securing the best deals for themselves with 0 value addition or involvement to acheive actual targets.

    Telenor has lost its way and even its no 2 position is in jeopardy..

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