Irony: FIA Arrests Fake FIA Officer Making Millions by Blackmailing People

The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Cell has arrested a conman impersonating influential government officers to blackmail people and rob them of money.

The accused Obaidur Rehman was operating a gang involving his wife Nusrat Nasim, sister Nimra Aziz aka Nimra Gillani among others, to blackmail and fleece people, including different government officials.


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Obaid used an app to hide his number from appearing on the screens of the receiver. He then changed his voice, impersonating as a high-ranked military official or an FIA director to get financial benefits from government officers.

He even got an SHO appointed a police station by using the same trick. His sister and the wife, on the other hand, developed relations with people on Facebook and then blackmailed them.

The gang minted Rs. 4 million from a victim Syed Waqar Ali Shah, who then approached FIA for help.


Three Arrested in Karachi for Revenge Porn and Blackmailing

Upon his complaint, an FIA team raided a house near Raiwind Road and arrested the ringleader. Upon his identification, other accomplices were also arrested.

Three Mobile Phones were recovered during the raid, FIA spokesperson said.

“The alleged Facebook account of Amna Noor was found active in one of the Mobile phones and software, ‘Telz,’ found installed wherein several audio recordings were stored.”


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A list of the government departments’ phone numbers, personal pictures of senior government officers, and notifications of various departments were stored on the phones.

Speaking to media, Director FIA Cyber Crime, Abdur Rab, confirmed the arrest of Obaid and his accomplices. He said that the department has a zero-tolerance policy against those robbing innocent people of their money by blackmailing them.