FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell Registered 15,000 Cases in 2019

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has released statistics of the Cyber Crime Cell for 2019.

According to the report, FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell registered 15,038 cases last year. Most of the cases were against illegal telephone exchanges, gangs involved in buying and selling via fake credit cards, and absconders. Cyber Crime Cell also registered a significant number of harassment incidents over social media platforms.

Some high profile cases were also registered last year. The cell lodged cases against the blackmailing of a member of the Malaysian High Commission over social media, alleged video leaks of singer Rabi Peerzada, and harassment accusation leveled against singer Ali Zafar.

Of the total registered cases, 6,208 cases were disposed of after investigation while 8,803 are pending. Last year, FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell remained active against those involved in harassment and blackmailing citizens over social media platforms.

Saad, a resident of Ravi Road, Lahore, created a fake social media account and blackmailed a member of the Malaysian High Commission at Islamabad, Venk Tessori Jandar, with an edited image of her. Saad was arrested shortly after the Malaysian High Commission lodged a complaint.

Moreover, Rabi Peerzada registered a complaint contending that her compromised images and videos have been circulating on different social media platforms. Cyber Crime Cell also launched an investigation over a complaint launched by Meesha Shafi against Ali Zafar.

FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell also registered 3,414 cases pertaining to various other fields, of which 2,857 are under investigation. The remaining cases were disposed of after investigation.

As far as absconders are concerned, only 107 cases were registered against the suspects. However, FIA apprehended only one suspect, with 106 remaining elusive to this day.

The FIA’s Cyber Crime Cell arrested 14 individuals involved in harassment and blackmailing incidents over social media platforms.

According to Director of FIA, Dr. Rizwan, the authority has been given special directives not to spare any individual involved in harassment and blackmailing incidents. FIA will take strict action against those found violating the laws.

Via: Express Tribune

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