#Hoor Trends as Arshad Sharif Questions PM Imran’s Statement About Hoors

Avid social media followers would have seen the footage of Imran Khan’s speech during a fundraising campaign in Karachi on Monday.

For those who don’t know, Imran Khan shared an experience from the pre-election time in 2013 when he fell from the container and injured himself. He told the audience that Dr. Asim gave him an injection, which “instantly eased the pain, changed the world and the nurses looked like Hoors” to him.


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Here’s the video:


While the meme lords have found plenty of material for their next memes, a prominent journalist and anchor, Arshad Sharif has come under a lot of criticism for his attempt at twisting Imran Khan’s words and trying to give it another angle.

Hashtag #Hoor is currently trending on Twitter and people are sharing their thoughts on the subject.

Here’s what Arshad Sharif said to provoke the Twitterati:

“Which injection makes nurses look like “Hoors” to PM Imran Khan”, he asked. A valid question.

But not this one:

“Is PM sending a message that Nurses are objects of sexual desire?”

Here are some of the replies under his post:


There were others as well:

Note: The featured image isn’t a picture of a hoor. 

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  • If someone used the 9Gag, there is a meme about the Germans when they show that their technology is superior then the others. Replace Germans with ProPakistani…

    • One key difference is that Germans have reason to be proud of their technology and their technology is generally known to be superior than others. You can be proud if you have the talent to back it up (in Germany’s case).

      • Not after the emissions scandal by VW, Daimler group, Porsche, etc. German engineering damaged itself mightily that day.

  • Niazi Tharakpunay se kabhi baaz nhi asakta. that’s one constant in his whole pathetic life #TharkiBudddha

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