FBR to Buy Original Software After Shameful US Allegation: Report

The Federal Board of Revenue has announced to buy the licensed version of the software after reports had emerged that it is using a pirated version of VMware.

The said software is used in FBR’s Web-based One Customs (WeBOC) and e-filing of income tax returns.

The United States has accused the Federal of Board of Revenue (FBR) of pirating software that belongs to the US.


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This issue was raised by the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Alice Wells, during her recent visit to Pakistan. Wells maintained that FBR is using a pirated version of VMware, urging Pakistan to purchase the software

“We have conveyed to the US authorities through a proper channel that the software will be purchased for use in WeBOC,” a senior official in the FBR told the media outlet.

The report further stated that an alternative of the software is available and FBR has already removed it from the e-filing platform – Iris. The official said that Pakistan Revenue Automation Ltd (PRAL), a subsidiary of FBR, has been asked to seek quotations for the purchase of the software for use in WeBOC. He said that it will cost more to the government if they were to remove the software from WeBoc.


US Accuses FBR of Using Pirated Software: Report

VMware provides cloud computing and virtualization software and services. Its desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS, while the enterprise version hypervisor is for servers.

The official said that FBR has asked for the initiation of inquiry into the issue. “We are doing one on our own,” he said, adding the US authorities have only asked for the software’s purchase.

According to the official statement, the software has been provided by a vendor and the situation was not known to the authorities.

  • They could just rent a dedicated server or a VPS and save on the cost of the software license. Linux has free virtualization built in.

    • It is not possible now orders have already been made by US to buy their software or else there might be backlash government will be forced to buy vmware.

  • Docker and Kubernetes are is current generation cloud computing technologies. Time of hypervisor and virutalization has gone. Now We have containerized applications. I am proud to say no organization can say me. You are using a pirated software. I prefer Linux and Open Source Tools. Even in Cloud I will Linux and Open Source Tools. The problem with our Government and Enterprise Sector they did not recognize open source technologies and tools as reliable technology but in fact we can see that proprietary and commercial companies are using open source tool. Some open source may not be powerful and high end but there are other options in open source community which is much more powerful and more high ends. I believe that If you want that technologies prevails then you should go to open source tools. Who want to pays millions to commercial companies for proprietary software?

  • Very embarrassing for country, if we check most of our organisations are doing this , non transparent actions business deals for which I am witness at Sui Southern gas company limited.
    But even Chairperson is ignoring all my reports to her.
    Who will listen God knows.
    Azam Akhtar

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