Shoop Highlights The Potential of Pakistan’s Youth

All over the globe, youth and teenagers are making waves, be it in technology, entrepreneurship, environment, business, activism, sports, or policymaking.


Generation Z has displayed time and again their capability of achieving milestones and great results.

The thinking and approach of the new generation are different from the older ones but they are more opinionated, informed, and connected. Most parents find it hard to keep up with their pace.

Being digital natives, the ability of the Gen. Z to peruse through the clutter of content, the constant bombardment of messages, and browsing through archives of data is mind-blowing. They are multilingual, are more talented than you can imagine, and are go-getters.

Shoop’s latest TVC is promoting the same message, albeit subtly.

There are several examples and case studies demonstrating such achievements. In the last decade, we have seen teenage achievers making headlines and making news on major media outlets and TV channels where they’ve been inventors, medalists, entrepreneurs, and have won academic accolades.

Achievers From Pakistan

In the hall of fame of technology geeks, come to the deceased Arfa Karim, the youngest Microsoft certified professional at the age of 9 back in 2012 and Haris Khan, the youngest mobile app developer at 11. Many other kids aged 5 and 6, from Pakistan, have made it as a Microsoft certified professional.


Greta Thunberg is not the only young climate activist. Emaan Danish Khan, a 9-year-old girl from Pakistan is fighting climate change, raising awareness on climate emergencies through her unique storytelling capabilities via her YouTube channel. Emaan has quoted her mother to be the force behind her success and popularity.

Most of these cases have shown a pattern of trust and a strong support system from their families and societies. Yet we see little to no acceptance and recognition from Pakistani parents for their kids, their endeavors, and their approach to doing things.

These kids and youth carry intentions of doing the right things in the right way. As showcased by the brand in the commercial, the kids are making a bold statement by insisting that despite their ways being different from the previous generation, their intentions are crystal clear.

Youth and teenagers today need an environment of trust and support more than ever. Through this ad, Shoop is trying to convince Pakistani parents and families to trust the new generation of kids as this will enable them to go to great heights and achieve unimaginable things.


  • Such a cringy post.. the ad itself is made in India with all the indian actors.

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