Zameen Expo 2020 Karachi Attracts More Than 90,000 Visitors

Pakistan’s largest real estate portal successfully concluded its two-day “Zameen Expo 2020 Karachi” on Sunday. The event, which featured more than 140 builders and developers from across the country, attracted more than 90,000 visitors.

On the first day, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi and CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan formally inaugurated the expo.

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister Ali Zaidi said that real estate is one of the most important sectors of the economy.

“Since it is a leading indicator, growth in real estate stimulates the entire economy,” he said and congratulated for its efforts to streamline the sector.

CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan said,

We have started this year with the Karachi Expo, which should benefit the real estate industry as a whole.

Appreciating the heavy footfall on both days of the Expo, he said that increased public interest bodes well not just for the real estate industry but the wider economy as well.

On the second day Mohsin Sheikhani, Chairman Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD), graced the Expo as a special guest.

Talking to the reporters, he said:

The real estate sector is moving towards stability and events like Zameen Expo 2020 Karachi plays a central role in reviving investor confidence, which is the most important requirement of the industry at this time.

Since 2014, has hosted 19 expos in cities across Pakistan and UAE (Dubai), featuring approximately 1,608 exhibitors and attracting more than one million visitors.