Germany is Introducing New Immigration Law for Foreign Job Seekers

Germany is all set to implement its all-new Skilled Immigration Act on 1st March 2020 which aims to make the immigration process easy for skilled workers across the globe.

The new law will allow non-Europeans with vocational training to settle and seek out job opportunities in Germany, whereas the process for highly qualified professionals will remain the same, for now, although the government plans to make it easy in the future.


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The following changes have been made in the framework:

Definition of a Qualified Professional

From the start of next month, not only degree holders but, those with vocational training (at least 2 years) will also be considered qualified professionals.

The qualification will, however, need to be recognized by relevant German authorities. Unlike before, qualified professionals will be able to work in any field related to their qualifications.

No Preference for European Citizens

As per the existing regulations, non-Europeans can only apply for the jobs if there are no applications from the Germans or Europeans, however, with the new act, anyone can apply for the job. The condition of a university degree is still valid for a blue card.


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Job Search Visa

The new regulation also allows non-degree holders i.e. those having vocational training, to attain a job search visa for Germany for 6 months. The requirements to apply for the visa are:

  • Educational documents to be recognized by German authorities
  • B1 certificate for the German language
  • Bank statement showing enough money for monthly expenses in the country

The permanent residence permit can now be acquired in 4 years instead of 5. Job search visa holders will also be allowed to work 10 hours a week during their 6-month visa stay.

Jobs and Residence for Non-EU Students

With certain conditions, foreign students can now secure jobs and apply for permanent residence in Germany. Vocational training students in Germany will also be able to get permanent residence 2 years after completion of their courses.

What are your thoughts on the new immigration policy? Let us know in the comments.

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