80% of Child Abuse Suspects Roam Free in KP Thanks to Poor Investigations

A shocking 80% of child abuse suspects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are set free by the courts, a police report has revealed. Poor investigation techniques and lack of experience to collect forensic evidence are the reasons behind the acquittals.

Additional Inspector General, Feroz Shah, briefed KP IG Sanaullah Abbasi on the poor ratio of conviction in sexual assault and murder cases. He said that as many as 18 suspects have been acquitted, 6 convicted whereas another 22 have been fined in 25 cases of rape and murder during the last 5 years.


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The year-wise breakdown of these cases is as follows:

Year Cases Convicted/Sentenced Released
2015 5 1 4
2016 6 3 3
2017 3 1 2
2018 8 1 7

In 2019, out of the three reported cases, suspects in one of the cases haven’t been traced thus far. The paperwork for the remaining two cases is completed and presented before the court.

Unlike before, child abuse cases are now being reported not only at police stations but the media is also playing its part. He also demanded state-of-the-art facilities and modern technologies for extracting forensic evidence.


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Earlier, a 13-member committee had recommended public hanging of criminals convicted in cases of sexual assault on minors. The minimum sentence for child abusers has been recommended to be life imprisonment and it is hoped that the law will come into effect within a month.

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