Punjab Govt Bans WhatsApp in Government Offices

Taking action against the leaking of confidential documents and information, the Punjab Government has banned the use of WhatsApp in all government offices.

The Ban is Immediate

Orders issued by the cabinet division on January 31st came into effect from Friday, 14th February. A letter was issued to all government departments directing all offices to immediately ban the use of WhatsApp and any similar social media applications during office hours.

This step has been taken as a result of the complaints received by the provincial authorities that offices and various departments have been using WhatsApp to exchange private and confidential documents. These documents were prone to leaks and would often find their way on other social media platforms. Various groups were rumored to be formed on WhatsApp where these documents were shared.

Even work-related communication wasn’t being done through official channels between various departments and offices.

Senior officials immediately took notice of the matter and issued orders through the Department of Services and General Administration to immediately refrain from using WhatsApp as it only hinders government procedures and introduces risks when dealing with sensitive matters.

The new order issued by the Punjab government instructs departments to share files and communicate via official customary channels effective immediately.

  • I don’t know how they can think that their communication channels are more secure. Can you really believe that you have better security than WhatsApp whose parent company is worth double the GDP of Pakistan and employs the top tech talent and is based in a country that has the best available laws regarding data security & breaches and everything else and a good independent court system!

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