75% of People in Pakistan Own a Mobile Phone: Report

Recent research from DataReportal has revealed that Pakistan’s internet penetration and social media usage has seen a significant increase.

Called Digital 2020, the report cites third party sources including Hootsuite, Kepios, We Are Social and others. Head over to this website to find out more about DataReportal.

Pakistan’s Stats

According to the report, internet users in Pakistan stood at 76.38 million in 2020, increasing by 11 million (17%) from 2019. Overall internet penetration was 35% in January 2020.

Moving on to social media usage, in January 2020 the number of social media users increased to 37 million (+2.4 million) from 34.6 million in April 2019. If we take the whole population into account, around 17% of people use some form of social media in the country.

Next up is the number of mobile phone users, which increased to 164.9 million in January 2020, recording an increase of 9.6 million (6.2%) new connections from January 2019. A large majority of people (75%) own a mobile phone in Pakistan.

Global Stats

As far as global statistics are concerned, 5.19 billion (67%) people own a mobile phone while internet penetration stands at 4.54 billion (59%) with 3.80 billion (49%) using social media in some form.

Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp were the most used social media platforms with 2.4 billion, 2 billion and 1.6 billion active users respectively.

You can read the full report here.

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  • The report does not mean that 75% of Pakistan owns a mobile phone, rather it means that there are 160m+ sims (phone connections). which does not translate into 75% mobile phones.
    Kindly correct the header, as its misleading and does not give a fair view. There are less than a 100 million active mobile phones in Pakistan.
    And from the perspective of common sense, how can there be 160m+ mobile phones in Pakistan? does that mean even 5 year olds have their own mobile phones?

  • Many people have 5 sim and more than 1 mobile they have, it does not mean that 75% of Pakistanis Has Mobile phones.

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