PCB is Making These Changes to Ensure More Entertainment This PSL

Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 is just around the corner with the entire tournament scheduled in Pakistan this time around.

Unlike UAE, the boundaries in Pakistani stadiums will be kept relatively shorter. Not just this, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has directed the curators of all four stadiums to prepare batting-friendly wickets for better entertainment.

As per reports, PCB has decided to reduce the length of the boundaries to as short as 55 meters which explains why all six franchises have picked batting-heavy squads.


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However, the decision hasn’t been received well by most of the cricket fans who think that there should be a balance between bat and ball to make the competition exciting.

Another Twitter user suggested that the approach to make the tournament entertaining is right, but PCB should find other ways to do so.

Fans believe that shorter boundaries and flat batting tracks will impact the quality of cricket.

Another Twitter user pointed out that PSL is known in the world for quality bowling. Keeping the boundaries shorter will not bode well for the league’s reputation.

Foreign commentators repeatedly pointed out how the shorter boundaries at the National Stadium impacted the outcomes of the games last year.

Do you think there should be shorter boundaries and batting-friendly wickets? Let us know in the comments.

  • Stupid decision. 55 meter boundary is like nothing. What’s the point of making it entertaining by purposely giving favor to batsmen and disadvantage to blowers. Aisai fazool changes kar k entertainment dikhani tou WWE ka ik ring bi bana dain andar.

  • To me its a bad decision, you have to have the balance in bat & ball. The boundary should be a standard one as in most matches. For pitches, its ok to have a batting track with some bounce in it to give some advantage to bowlers.

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