Biometric Verification is Now Compulsory for Vehicle Transfer in Punjab

Biometric verification has been made compulsory to transfer a car to a new owner’s name from 1st March, 2020. The Punjab Excise and Taxation (E&T) Department has made the decision to increase tax income.

As per the details, the department will be bringing in the new system of vehicle transfer in the province. Under this, both the seller and the buyer of the car in question will have to validate the procedure with the aid of biometric transfer.


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The Punjab government has undertaken all the required steps for the implementation of the new system.

The biometric verification will help eliminate the mismanagement seen in the market while helping make the whole procedure more open for the buyer and the seller.

As per the sources, the needed machines for verification have already been bought and connected to the online system.


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This will also help end the illicit activity in the market especially people using vehicles on an open transfer letter. The step could also help control the menace of own money.

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  • good initiative…but Implementation is going to be a nightmare. Long lines in the offices, agents asking for money to get it done faster

  • If Owner is out of country for long period Then how the veh can be transfer? And If owner Has been died then what will be procedure?

    • Out of country owner may authorize his representative thru a letter from foreign office

      In case of death succession certificate and biometric verification of legal heirs

  • Respected,
    If the owner of a car already died then how can a car can be transferred by law !? Is there any option exist in this newly introduced software !?

  • Assalaam-O-Alaikum.
    The Biometric Verification should have been implemented much earlier . This would have stopped illegal transfers of vehicles and will help the government earn large revenues which was going in to others pockets, but it is never too late..

  • This system will be successful when it is provided in all NADRA centers in the country. So that the buyers and sellers can go to the nearest NADRA center and get their biometric done easily۔ If it is a program to get it in the excise center, then it will be difficult for the people and thus the system will not be successful. Excise offices are far away. Due to which no one will go for his biometric.

  • Assalamo Alaikum.
    Dear Sir.
    Please give me a Nadra Sahulat e Karachi Office Number.
    Best Regards

  • Good move but introducing such technology for purpose like this should help facilitate people for their convenience and rapid service. If the only reason behind biometric verification is to generate revenue than I don’t think this will be a help of any kind but to government only. Beside all this what’s the use of smart nadra card if everybody has to go though hassle.

  • Thanks GOD we are going to right way this will hurt little bit to street car businessman but it is very good for gentlemen and gov’t will get some financial edge.befor ten owner changed with out transfer and in case of any bitter incident difficult to catch the right person.This act highly appreciated.

  • Transfer facility should also be available at NADRA franchise, offices and Banks as well.

  • Sir me ney alto 2012 model khareeda he punjab mey 3 saal pehly leken meny ownership Name change nahi kia tu osko mey apny Name per kaha change karsakta ho Lahore or Peshawar please give me correct answer

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