Ali Zafar’s PSL Anthem is Complete & He Wants Fans to Be A Part of It

Singing star, Ali Zafar’s new PSL song is ready and he has asked his fans to send in their videos of dance steps to be a part of it.

Fans believe that the title of the song is ‘Hum Jab Niklain Tou Aandhi Aati Hai’ and Ali Zafar has retweeted one of the tweets saying so. There will be plenty of bhangra and dhol as evident from his warm-up videos.

In another tweet, the star has explained how fans can be a part of his upcoming song, which he has made after Ali Azmat had accused him of campaigning against the official PSL anthem.


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Here are the dance moves that you need to follow, record and send to [email protected] You all know why he is using this email address, don’t you?


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Another important thing is that Rawalpindi Express, Shoaib Akhtar, is also likely to be a part of the song. The release date hasn’t been specified yet, however, it looks like Ali Zafar won’t delay it much considering the event is already underway.

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