PAF Releases Anthem to Celebrate 27th February as ‘Surprise Day’

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has released an anthem to celebrate 27th February, which marks the first anniversary when PAF defended the country and took down two Indian fighter jets in a rare airborne dogfight. It was a response to India’s claims of Balakot strikes in the aftermath of the Pulwama incident.


Two PAF pilots, Wing Commander Muhammad Nouman Ali, and Squadron Leader Hassan Mahmood Siddiqui received Sitara-e-Jurat from President of Pakistan last year after they shot down two Indian jets during ‘Operation Swift Retort’.

One of the Indian Mig 21 jets crashed inside the Pakistani border, and the pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, was apprehended by the Pakistan Army. The Indian pilot was later handed over to the Indian authorities as a gesture of peace by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Attributing the achievement as a bright chapter in its history, PAF has released a song titled ‘Allah-o-Akbar.’

Sung by Shuja Haider, the song commemorates the gallantry of valiant PAF officers. Their bravery is reflective of the nation’s passion with which it has overcome every hurdle thrown its way.

Moreover, Pakistan Air Force is also organizing an air show at 12:00 pm on Thursday (27th February) at Karachi Sea View.

The federal government has already announced to celebrate 27th February as ‘Surprise Day’ across the country. Imran Khan is also expected to address the nation on Thursday.


  • I hope One day they launch a special event to BOOST Pakistan economy and cutting of their budget to support poor

  • Maray khyal main Fouj ka kaam ganay banana nahin aur na hi in ko itna paisa aisay kaamoun par lagana chahiye. Ab to yeh Dramay aur ganay bana rahay hai. Aaj kal aik drama bhi chal raha hai jis par croron rupay khurch ho chukay hain.
    Par lagay raho munna bhai.

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