CAA Looking to Suspend Late Night International Flights at All Airports

The Civil Aviation Authority is considering suspending late night international flights at all airports after an extraordinary increase in electricity tariffs.

In this regard, Director Air Transport and Economic Regulations (AT&ER) at CAA, Irfan Sabir, has sought input from all international airlines.

Director AT&ER has said:

Since most international airlines carry out flight operations during the night, CAA has to pay phenomenal electricity charges on account of night operations.

Runway and taxiway lights, security parameter wall lights, and terminal building lights consume significant power. Increased electricity rates have resulted in an increase in the power bill of the authority, said Director AT&ER.

According to Director AT&ER, CAA is considering the following options:

  • Observe complete night curfew from 12 am to 6 am and shift all night operations to day time slots.
  • Increase the airline aeronautical charges by 25% for all flights taking off and landing between 12 am to 6 am.

CAA has called a meeting of domestic and international airline operators on February 28 to discuss the matter. The authority will implement the option acceptable for most operators.

Director AT&ER had previously raised the same issue with international airlines at the 145th International Air Transport Association (IATA) Conference held at Brisbane last year.

  • Honorable Mr. Irfan Sabir Director AT&ER CAA Pk delighted to know your concern reference to CAA Pk other members of ICAO guidelines.
    As Pakistani I feel/suggest to let the Airfields be opened for the flight arriving in midnight with the illumination of the lighting required for safe landing/takeOff of Civil aircrafts at the Jinnah International Airport.
    I assume the illumination level of the lighting would be as per standards of ICAO. If the illumination/lighting is not compliant to recommendations of ICAO, even then we need not worry. Lighting standards are generic standards necessary, which can be substituted after study, specs., requirement of traffic etc., pattern is available/provided. A survey can be arranged for inspection of the site, with your charts/drawings, illumination levels are provided. Should you want to continue with the same flights operating yes some minor cost adjustments for replacement luminaires, lamps, be required and will be replaced.
    Jinnah Intl., is our heart and we’ll do all possible to fix/update/in budgetary costs.
    Please do reply this comment and try to take care of the rest as per world standards.

  • There is world beyond Pakistan and CAA should realize that. If you want to Travel USA, Canada or any other country with GMT -5 (someway around) then you do not have lot of options because PIA does not cover all the destination and even if did then there needs to be a very large fleet.

    We are already making loss with the existing ones.

    Well my thoughts!

  • people prefer late night flights because the tickets are cheaper. this will only cause burden on the travellers if all flights are scheduled to daytime, plus further huge burden on the already famous lazy immigration staff.

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