Samsung Reveals New Power Efficient OLED Display That Emits Less Blue Light

Samsung is currently the global leader when it comes to the electronic display market and they’re planning to keep it that way by bringing constant improvements to their technologies. They have unveiled a new OLED display that claims to reduce harmful blue light emissions and power consumption as well. 

Smartphones and other electronic devices emit blue light from their displays that not only tends to disrupt sleeping patterns but can also damage retinal cells with prolonged exposure. This is because blue light penetrates all the way to the retina and an excess amount can potentially damage light-sensitive cells and prevent the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps control sleep patterns.

Samsung’s new OLED panel will decrease blue light emissions to a total of 6.5% as opposed to 7.5% on previous panels. It will also help minimize power consumption by up to 15%.

This development is going to prove critical to the Smartphone industry as a large number of phone makers use Samsung’s OLED panels for their smartphones. Therefore, this improvement is not only going to enhance Samsung’s displays, but also a vast majority of other OEMs in the global market.

This is especially important since the emerging era of 5G Smartphones with high-resolution QHD and UHD displays is going to introduce power-hungry smartphones that are going to require efficient components to improve battery life going forward.