Indian Rail Police Used a Pakistani Train’s Photo to Make its App More Attractive

It’s okay to make mistakes, isn’t it?

Well, not all have the liberty of making mistakes. Ask the Indian Railway Police that. They have just got their app ‘Surakshit Safar’ (Safe Journey) developed, and to make it look more attractive, the developer used the photo of an iconic green Pakistani train for its dashboard.

To make the application more attractive, the app developer had put some pictures of trains.

To make things worse, the app was developed for Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat. Let me ask again if it’s okay to make mistakes. Certainly not.

The app itself is a great utility for passengers who can report emergencies, cases related to trafficking, missing children, unauthorized entry, and drugs.


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Deputy Inspector General of Police, CID-Crime, and Railways, Gautam Parmar, has admitted the mistake, terming it an unintentional error.

In the process, he inadvertently used a photograph of a Pakistani train. Upon learning about it, we have asked the developer to remove it. It was an unintentional error.

It has now been removed after social media users pointed out the gaffe. The mobile application was launched by Gujarat Minister of State for Home, Pradeepsinh Jadeja, on 29th February.

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  • Subsequent to my visit to the Federal Secretary/Chairman Pakistan Railways, Lahore for international compliances to the UIC this was one of the most urgent and important. Work for avoidance/elimination of rail accidents will be eliminated by he grace of Almighty with the blessings of rail passengers. Trust better times ahead.

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