Senate Approves Establishment of University of Islamabad

The Senate has approved a bill seeking the establishment of the University of Islamabad to provide better educational opportunities to the locals from Islamabad, Rawalpindi and their adjoining areas.

The Minister for Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood, had tabled the bill called ‘the University of Islamabad Bill, 2019.’


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It would be a private sector university run by the Board of Directors of Foundation for the Advancement of Innovation, Research and Education (FAIRE). The authority would have the prerogative to nominate a chancellor for the varsity for a renewable period of five years.

The directors of the foundation will have the power to reduce the chancellor’s office term through a joint resolution for several reasons, such as availability, health conditions, resignation etc.


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FAIRE intends to offer programs in Management Science, Computer Science, International Relations and Mathematics in the varsity. Research and scholarship opportunities will also be made available with the passage of time.

The university shall equally welcome all persons regardless of their gender, religion, race, creed, colour or domicile.

  • Why always science and management? Why not arts and design? Our country is blessed with GOD gifted creative people and just because of lack of resources they are unable to gain skills and knowledge. It’s a request to establish an arts school within University and open education and employment opportunities for artists of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. And please while govt is establishing a new University then please look into matter of NCA campus in Islamabad and shift it from Rawalpindi. That campus is in worst condition. More resources needed.

  • We need HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT studies to prepare our young generation to work in 5 star hotels around the globe and in Pakistan

  • No doubt , any step towards education should not be criticized as firstly we have not compete quite well with other countries and our lack of constribution in the advancement of todays world compelled us to indulge ourselfs into any field we find and to fill the space found anywhere, but a right direction is needed for us to travel upon , i think their is already an excess of IT and management universities in every province to approach what is missing is the lack of promotion and orientation towards art ،aritifical intelligence and other new fields prevaling in the modern world and also not having enough jobs for the IT and management students will have an extra burden on govt. When extra number of graduates will increase from the same universities .

  • Couldn’t agree more with Shamsa……we need to focus on other disciplines as well. Partnership of public and private sector shall bring better results.

    • Thank you!! I think we need to raise the voice .. nobody is emphasizing over development of arts and culture. The condition of NCA Rawalpindi campus is terrible and it’s actually making the original NCA s reputation more worst. It’s newly developed campus in Islamabad as well as more job opportunities for artists and designers are also needed. This field is suffering alot .. I can’t do anything except blogging posts or using social media so I request all who read my comments to raise the voice and do something/ anything possible about that too. And yes global partnership is a good suggestion (completely agree) but all existing and newly coming universities should also invest and establish one department/ school of arts and design within them too. Please share my messages / comments in other forums too.

  • What’s purpose of this?? Almost 30+ universities are in Islamabad, and only middle+upper class can afford that. What’s so special?

  • I am very gladly for this opportunity as well as the Islamabad university is established in the capital.

  • It’s just an eye wash. Instead improve Quaid Azam university Islamabad and give back its past gradaure and excellence. Islamabad is sprawling with private sector universities minting money machines

    • Good comment. Quaid-e-Azan university is not a model university. The expectations from Dr. Hoodbhoy we not fulfilled; he could not turn it into an exemplary institution. He was a good educator but not a good administrator.

  • Not a good decision imo
    Govt should build Public Universities in every districts (every district should have a proper University having variety of disciplines) this approach is more productive in the long run as this will decrease load on universities in bigger cities and also more beneficial for students as this will decrease their expenses and competitive merit.

  • so true Shamsa!we need to HV art uni in Islamabad ,there r too many other private uni available there ,spend money n time on new, innovative n modern idealogical studies n please portray Pakistan as it has to be.improve marketing lok virsa, turn pak monument in an open liberary, celebrate already existing museums, arrange education festivals like businesses, utilize wot u have instead of show off.

  • The respected, hard working & honorable professors Dismissed from all universities for raising their voices for their legal and moral rights, particularly professors and teachers of international islamic university islamabad may get ready to become part of this new university.
    Because the Saudi National and Diplomatic Passport holder president of Iiui who does not know any language other than Arabic and university is being run by his advisers and translators always advise those faculty members to go in to other universities and to left Iiui who complaint about injustice, nepotism and corruption at Iiui.

  • Welcome ! But please make it a model university where research is the main theme of education. Those who come out should be able to make their name as researchers, innovators and inventors. Otherwise, a new name in the long line of traditional degree-awarding universities is not a good news for us.

  • Government’s no. 1 university, Quaid-i-azam university is suffering from lack of funds and management. There’s a greater need of bringing it back to its glory and make it to the top 300 universities globally in the upcoming years

  • How many Universities in Islamabad before this newly announced University? Govt. is adopting exactly same educational policy as previous Governments as this is just a means to accommodate / oblige supporters of PTI & its allies by providing jobs to a few of them.

  • They claim that it is for the residents of Islambad and the surrounding areas including Rawalpindi but then say that it equally welcomes all domiciles. Islambad domicile holders have no opportunities due to the quota system (specially in jobs and scholarships) because even when there is a federal quota it goes to FATA and G-B(AJK as well when it’s considered as Pakistan) because preference is given to backward areas (specially due to political reasons); and open merit system is rare. So there should be a quota system for Islambad otherwise the majority of students will be from outside Islambad.
    Instead of making a private and possibly substandard University while using Islambad’s name, their efforts would be better spent on modernization, management and improvement of teaching in QAU, specially ensuring that all (not half) of the professors are still alive.

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