Here’s Why the Brand New Kia Sportage Caught Fire A Few Days Ago

A few days ago, a video went viral all over the internet showing a brand-new Kia Sportage that had caught fire in its engine compartment.

Initially, it was unclear what led to the fire especially given the car was barely a month old.

We reached out to Kia for a comment and they told us that they were investigating the incident and would release the information after collecting all the facts.

You can read more about the incident and its watch its video here:


Brand New Kia Sportage Catches Fire in Pakistan [Video]

Today, the company has announced that it had investigated the car and its technical team has discovered that the main electrical wire harness had been cut and an “after-market device” had been installed on the car.

You can read the statement below:

While they didn’t add what the device was, it is highly likely that the device was a car tracking device.

Car Insurance companies make it mandatory for a tracking device to be installed on insured cars and at the time of sale, some dealers suggest the idea to the prospective buyers. They usually claim the warranty will stay intact even though the vehicle is no longer in its original condition.

In most cases, the harness wire is cut, which voids the warranty and can potentially result in such losses.

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  • Very bad quality products are available in Pakistan and no quality check. also, mechanics are not qualified.

  • Kia vehicle is very good.but problem is that people who they buy car.they don’t know about vehicle system.should Kia company charge little bit extra amount or installed tracking device,for customer satisfaction.

  • @Author: Why you add statement “What do you think?
    We think nothing about your posts. its usually copied from other sources.

  • My Altis caught fire after 8 hours of running my fog lights at the end of a trip due to wrong lamp installed by Mechanic despite giving him original burnt out bulb and with instructions to use same one as replacement. But, somehow he managed to put a wrong one. Thanks to my neighbors 20 litre water can which I used to extinguish the fire in time, else my car would have been burnt to hell. Lesson learnt, choose your after markets items wisely. Mechanics have no regards for electrical integrity of vehicle. They would cut wires here and there and at times even don’t isolate them.

  • KIA is the best brand , but if you are giving a reason there was an market device was installed and main harsness was cutted that causes of fire , so let me tell you that there are million of vehicle in which market devices are installed, like traker, day lights, blah blah, and that doesnot cause of fire, if so only wirining was burnt,,, as in video the vehicle is burnt due to fuel leakage,, ,,,,,
    not agree with your facts and figures,,,

  • Nobody mentioned the worst insurance companies in Pakistan, in rest of the world you can buy insurance online without such preconditions to install a tracking device. I have heard they don’t even pay you in Pakistan when you make claims.

  • Company always keep himself on safe side, simply by throwing issues on buyer. May be its company fault, No comments from owner, did he really make any changes? In our country no Quality check, third class cars are brought here and sale. No hope of any change in our system.

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