Breaking: PSL Matches in Karachi to be Hosted Without Any Crowd

Coronavirus cases in Sindh are increasing by the day and to further prevent its spread, the Sindh government has advised the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to conduct the Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches with no crowd.

The PCB has agreed to the request made by the health authorities, meaning that the PSL matches will be held without any fans in the stands, starting tomorrow.


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Barring today’s match, Karachi still has four more matches, including the Qualifier. Advisor to  the Sindh Chief Minister, Murtaza Wahab, has confirmed the development, sharing the news on Twitter:

The following matches will be impacted due to this:

Day/Date Fixture Venue
Friday 13th March Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultans National Stadium Karachi
Saturday 14th March Karachi Kings vs Islamabad United National Stadium Karachi
Sunday 15th March Quetta Gladiators vs Karachi Kings National Stadium Karachi
Tuesday 17th March Qualifier: Team 1 vs Team 2 National Stadium Karachi

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Feature Writer

  • indeed it was a great decision. Many events have been cancelled or postponed. Prevention is a lot better than cure.

    • You fool this will cause huge economic loss to Pakistan this corona drama started by some coward enemy to further sink our economy.

      • This “drama” has killed about 5000 people worldwide. Or do you think they’re pretending? If you really think this is a drama then go ahead and infect yourself and your loved ones.

      • Are you out of your senses…Corona is a threat …living infect your self with this..then you will see its a drama or threat

  • I think it must be left to people’s choice whether to come to stadiums or not those who come to stadium must go through screening and precautionary dose and those who are reluctant to come must be refunded , this way i think PCB can prevent the most probable and expected chaos and can also minimize the economic losses..!

    • When people get infected they’re not the only ones who suffer. Infected people can spread the disease to unwilling people. So this choice scenario doesn’t hold weight. It’s your choice if you want to get infected but after that you’ll spread it to people who didn’t make that choice. With a fast spreading incurable disease prevention is the last defence.

    • Screening is useless as it relies on symptoms and a person infected with Coronavirus can have no symptoms for up to 14 days and during those 14 days he can still infect others. There’s no such thing as a precautionary dose against an incurable disease. Until there’s a vaccine, we only have prevention.

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