Twitter Bans Misleading Coronavirus Tweets

In order to prevent users from downplaying the severity of the worldwide pandemic, Twitter has expanded its safety rules.

In a recent blog post, the company announced that it will be taking extra steps to remove tweets that can be misleading. The company said that it will “prohibit tweets that can place people at a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19.”

Tweets falling under the following category will be removed:

  • Denial of expert guidance
  • Encouragement to use fake or ineffective treatments, preventions, and diagnostic techniques
  • Misleading content purporting to be from experts or authorities

Twitter will take into account the user’s history while making any sort of enforcement determinations. As per the blog, the user will be asked to remove the tweet via an email, and until the tweet is removed, the account will not be allowed to post any other tweets. During this time, the COVID-19 related tweet will remain hidden.

Based on Twitter’s existing guidance, “When we determine that a Tweet violated the Twitter Rules, we require the violator to remove it before they can Tweet again.”

Of course, this broad set of rules is pretty tedious to implement, even for Twitter, since a plethora of tweets will fall under this deepened policy. Hence, to meet this challenge, Twitter has put a content severity triage system in place, this will efficiently identify and remove potentially damaging tweets.

Twitter’s policy shows that it is adopting an aggressive and fluid approach that social media platforms usually refrain from. Let’s see if this helps twitter in curbing the ever-increasing potentially lethal misinformation regarding the current situation.