The 5-Minute Coronavirus Testing Kit was Developed by a Man from Larkana

A leading pharmaceutical company, Abbott Laboratories, recently introduced a coronavirus test kit that detects positive cases within five minutes. The company has acquired emergency authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make the test available to the health sector as early as next week.

The portable lab device, which is the size of a toaster, can also tell the negative ones in less than 13 minutes. The invention is going to be game-changer in the field of public health because the kits in use at the moment take as much as 6 hours in detecting results.


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And now, media reports are emerging that there is a Pakistani scientist, Jameel Sheikh, behind this invention. Jameel, a microbiologist, who hails from Larkana, graduated from Karachi’s NED Engineering University before moving to the United States.

Sheikh is now permanently based in San Diego, California. He is also an active member of the World Sindhi Congress and the Sindhi Association of North America.


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Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical giant has enhanced its production of the kits as it aims to deliver 50,000 devices per day to the US healthcare system. The kits will not only ramp-up the testing capacity of the world’s largest economy, but it will also save thousands of lives with a timely diagnosis.

It should be noted that the US is the new epicenter of the deadly virus where confirmed cases, as of Monday, are above 164,000 with death toll crossing 3,100.

  • Mashallah, that’s nice, we should be looking after to these kinds of peoples, those are really important and Healthy for OUR cute country, Keep it, dear SHAIKH.

  • Sir , please , now let these people go, they are no more Pakistani, they are American and USA resources and policies gave them this opportunity.
    If u go to larkana, u will cry when u see the poverty…..

    • KEHRE larkane waya hua tuwhaan Saeen? (which larkana have you been to?) there’s poverty in larkana just like there’s poor in all over pakistan.

  • good thing he left this Islamic culture of hate country and bought something of value to the world using kafir tech and resources. meanwhile the imaam is still saying 1400 years old arabic dialect on a 50000 Watts loud speakers as an immunity to global pandemic COVID

  • This is really a very proud moment for the whole nation and for the Humanity, May Almighty Save the entire world from this dangerous Covid 19 Corona. Sheikh Jamil Sir you are Proud of Pakistan…

  • He is not the inventor of the machine. He was part of a team at Abbott Laboratories USA who worked on software side of the machine. He is a simple BE from NED and has nothing to do with microbiology or virology. So please don’t spread false news. I have some contacts in Abbott Laboratories USA and they have confirmed what I have stated.

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