Punjab Govt Asks Private Schools to Reduce Fees by 20 Percent

Punjab government has asked private school owners to reduce fees by 20 percent during the recent coronavirus break. Provincial Minister for School Education Murad Raas issued the directives on Tuesday.

Murad, along with Law Minister Raja Basharat, held a meeting with private school owners on the directives of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. The minister asked them to revise school fees now that the school break has been declared summer vacations. He also warned schools against firing any staffer during the lockdown.


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As per sources, the representatives of private schools asked for 48 hours to respond to the government’s call for a fee reduction. Most of them wanted to consult with stakeholders before giving a word.

It is worth mentioning here that on March 14 Punjab announced the closure of schools for three weeks. The duration later increased to May 31 after the government declared the period as summer vacations.

Moreover, the government has requested school owners to not collect the fees in advance in a bid to provide relief to the parents.


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The authorities had to intervene after several schools forced and wrote to parents to submit fee in a lump sum during the coronavirus lockdown. There were reports that several privately managed schools have sent out notifications to parents, asking them to submit two/three months fees in advance or their kids will not be allowed to attend classes in the future.

  • Govt, should issue such notice to all private firm to reduce fee by 20% and give them staff salary 100% because they have earned a lot money from people.

  • What sort of relief package Punjab Government is going to announce for private sector educational institution ???
    In Punjab 20% fee reduction policy is under consideration which is clear cut against the orders of Supreme Court, opinion of legal advisor may be obtained

  • DIVISIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL Lahore still not reduce the fees of APRIL-2020 by 20% please ask for fee deduction.

  • The educators sahar campus 2 shadbagh.. Already collected 2 months advance fee. They said we r on stay

  • The Smart School Al-Mairaj Campus, Samanabad, Lahore blew the Punjab Government directions regarding 20% fee wave off for two months. They have charged full fee for the month of April and did not give any favor to parents with the plea that they cannot gave favour untill the Government of the Punjab issued any directions/NOTIFICATION in writing. It is necessary that Government of the Punjab must issue such Instructions/Directions/Notification for favouring the parents, if feel it serious.

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