Shehzad Backs Kevin Pietersen After People Bash Him for Mistreating Pakistani Opener

Following a lot of talk on social media, both Ahmed Shehzad and Kevin Pieterson have cleared the air regarding their live conversation on Instagram.

Jealousy is a disease, folks. Please stay safe.

Taking to Twitter, the Pakistani batsman said that instead of encouraging positivity, people are making a fuss out of it. He termed the conversation a ‘fun chat between two good friends’.

In response, Pieterson also thrashed those who tried to ruin their friendly conversation. He also appreciated Ahmed’s charity work while in isolation in Swat, Pakistan.

Ahmed was quick to respond to KP’s message, asking him to not take the trolls seriously.

For those who don’t know, Pietersen slammed the top-order batsman for performing poorly in the Pakistan Super League, saying the people wanted to know why he didn’t play well.

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