10,000 Pakistanis Lost Their Jobs in UAE Due to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the economies around the world to a halt and the United Arab Emirates is no different. As per the reports, thousands of people have been affected in the country.

Pakistani Consul General in UAE, Ahmed Amjad Ali, has revealed that around 10,000 Pakistani expats have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He said that more than 35,000 people have contacted the consulate in Dubai to return to their homeland. The preparations to send them to Pakistan have been ramped up, he said.


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 Tourists, unemployed and the elderly will be given preference.

He said that the consulate has made all possible arrangements for the screening of returning people at the Dubai airport.

Bringing back our people in such large numbers will be a huge challenge for us.

Dubai authorities say that they are ready to operate special flights to evacuate stranded Pakistanis and are awaiting permission in this regard.


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Things got a little out of hand when hundreds of Pakistanis broke the country-wide lockdown and gathered outside the consulate on Sunday for registration.

However, the consulate security staff made them observe social distancing making long queues, standing at least a meter away from each other.

Pakistan is one of the biggest labor suppliers to the UAE, with more than a million Pakistanis living and working in the country. At a time when the entire country is shut down due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Pakistan government is ensuring ration supply to its people stuck in Dubai.