Country-wide Lockdown is Unlikely to End on April 14: Sheikh Rashid

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Wednesday said that the country-wide lock down is unlikely to end on April 14.

Addressing a press conference, the minister said that Pakistan Railways is incurring a loss of more than Rs. 1 billion each week due to the lockdown. “It does not seem the lockdown will ease by April 14. If the lockdown ends and Prime Minister allows, Railways will resume 22 trains”, he said, adding that the freight trains are being operated as planned.

He also confirmed one coronavirus case in Mughalpura Railways Workshop, which has been closed till April 12. Over 10,000 people work in the workshop.

The minister said that workers over the age of 50 can go on leave after submitting an application to their supervisor. He further said that the next 15 days are important for controlling the virus. Speaking about the measures taken by Pakistan Railways to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the minister said they had set up quarantine zones at every station.

Responding to a question about the wheat and sugar inquiry report, Railways Minister said the fate of all those involved behind flour, sugar scandals will be decided after the release of a detailed inquiry report on April 25.