Haripur Doctors Start Free Medicine Home Delivery Using A Drone

Doctors in Haripur have turned to technology to ensure immuno-compromised patients stay indoors and are provided with essential medical supplies during lockdown imposed due to Coronavirus.

15 doctors of the DHQ Hospital in Haripur have bought a drone and started delivering medicines to heart, kidney, and eye patients at their doorsteps through the drone.

Patients struggling with heart, kidney, and eye conditions are at increased risk of contracting Coronavirus as their immune system is already weak. This way, those patients will stay at home and come in minimal human contact, bringing down their chances of catching the disease, said MS DHQ while explaining the rationale behind the initiative.


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Moreover, these doctors have also decided to offer telemedicine services free of cost during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Anyone can call the hospital and consult with a specialist. The specialist will prescribe a medicine to the caller without any charges. The medicines will then be flown out to the patient’s address through the drone.

According to MS DHQ Hospital, if anyone cannot afford essential medicines due to the economic impact of the lockdown, they should also call them to inform and DHQ Hospital will provide them medicine and pay for all the expenses. “We will send them the medicines using the drone,” said MS DHQ.

  • MS DHQ Hospital Greetings, compliments on your initiative of technology for Health Care from Haripur. The DHQ Hospital has excelled the honorable PIMS in Pakistan.
    Please do share your capability to deliver medicine, patient monitoring/observation thru Tele-Health, Tele-Medicine which has given a Plus rating to Pakistan under the WHO Umbrella.
    As I called the WHO Mission Office, Islamabad on the World Health Day this week when my call diverted to WHO Cairo, Egypt.
    This achievement of Drone operations, the TeleMedicine/Tele-Health from the hills of Haripur to Pakistan will be enviable to the WHO member administrations worldwide. Also compliments to the respective regulatory authority for the Radio Frequency of the Drone flights for Free Medicine to the home of the ailing patients is an example to WHO member countries to envy.

  • Great initiative taken by MS DHQ Haripur….
    May our people be patience and keep supporting the Govt. to fight against pandemic of COVID-19…….


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