Pakistani American Develops a Splitter Which Lets 7 Patients Use a Single Ventilator

Dr. Saud Anwar, a pulmonologist of Pakistani origin and a State Senator in Connecticut State Senate, has developed a 3D splitter device that has made it possible for up to 7 patients to breathe through a single ventilator.

As COVID-19 cases started to surge in the US last month, states from California to New York began to stockpile ventilators. Although most patients do not need assisted breathing, ventilators prove to be lifesaving for those who do need assisted breathing, meaning a shortage of these machines could result in more deaths.

This is what prompted Dr. Saud Anwar to mull over the possibilities of what could be done to avoid the shortage of vital equipment.

Along with his two friends, Kevin Dyer of InterPRO and Robert Conley of Interactive Cad Solutions, Dr. Saud Anwar started working on the idea.

The team of 3 developed a simple splitter device which increases the capacity of a ventilator to treat up to 7 critically ill patients at once.

Design Available For Free

After designing the splitter, Dr. Saud Anwar posted a video on social media in which he demonstrated how the device is working perfectly.

Here is Dr. Saud Anwar explaining his creation.

The team has made the design of the splitter public. Anyone can download the files and develop their own 3D splitter.

According to Kevin Dyer, their 3D designed splitter device has been downloaded more than 1,000 times in around 100 countries.

Dr. Saud Anwar has expressed hope that his work would save thousands of lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has overwhelmed the healthcare sector.

We hope that somewhere in the world, as this crisis continues to unfold, that this design will be able to help someone, somewhere who doesn’t have the access to all of the technology that we have in the US.

Hailed as a Hero in a Pandemic

Dr. Saud Anwar’s video went viral and people worldwide praised the doctor who is not only a State Senator but also fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontlines.

Last week, Connecticut residents thronged to the residence and drove past Dr. Saud Anwar’s home as part of the “unsung hero parade.”

All cars carried placards and people expressed their gratitude to Dr. Saud Anwar for his contribution during a global health crisis.

Dr. Saud Anwar, an alumnus of Aga Khan University, was visibly moved by this gesture of Connecticut residents.

Everybody is doing their part and I’m doing my little part to hopefully share my experience and in my effort and my passion to help people and fight for every single person to take it to the next level.

Via: Al Jazeera

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